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Solar Power


    My horse-drawn wagon is equipped with an extensive solar-powered electrical system. This page is intended to demonstrate how the sun can be used to provide an inexpensive, renewable source of electric power.  With the larger solar power system, the carbon footprint for the wagon is essentially zero, 

    With the expansion of the solar-electric system on the wagon to 720 watts, and the conversion ‘One Horsepower = 746 watts’, I have in affect, added one horse to the team, without any increase in the consumption of hay or oats!

Solar Power Page Links



A description of the wagon solar-electric system, to include pictures and schematics

Description Completed

This is a table detailing the historical generation and use of electrical energy on the wagon.

Daily Power Production & Use


A guide for others to adapt solar-electric (photovoltaic) power for their own use.

Guide Completed - Check it out!

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For trips 1, 2 & 3, the wagon only had a 75 watt solar panel. For Trip #4, 700 watts of power will be provided by three large solar panels, supplying all of my power needs!

In recent years, advances made in manufacturing technology have led to a sharp reduction in the price of solar power systems. Within a few years, I believe that a large percentage of the population will be installing solar panels on their own homes to drastically reduce or eliminate their dependence on utility supplied power.  I foresee the eventual creation of a “World Wide Power Web”, where homeowners everywhere, will tie their home-generated power into utilities, drastically reducing the need for large electrical generating stations.  This will be especially true in areas of the U.S, (and world) that are blessed with a lot of sunshine.

The new wagon solar system - 720 Watts, with panels covering 52 square feet.

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Schematic Of the New 720 Watt Solar System

Electrical Schematic02