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Where Art Thou Romeo-Doc


6/29/12, Madison River Valley - Tonight, I’m but four miles further down the road (about 3 miles NW of the 87/287 junction).  I accepted the kind offer from Art to rest the team at his hillside ranch, a few miles down the road.

After a lazy start I hitched Bob and Doc and started for his place.  After turning in the drive, the lads had a tough pull up the hill to the ranch house. B.O.B. may try his best to conserve his energy throughout much of the day, but when he really needs to buckle down and pull, he goes all out.  With a gravel slope of 12 to 15% grade, the two boys managed to get low and pull us to the top.

Before I go further in the day, I must first relate the story of Doc’s romance.

6-29-12 012

The is Doc ‘Suave’, horse about town, looking for a little filly with the right lines.

6-29-12 014

Introducing Brawny Billy, a leader amongst horses.

6-29-12 015

And finally, Big B.O.B., Hollywood never had a finer horse!

6-29-12 016

The object of their desires - a beautiful black filly. Only half Percheron, she was very desirable and extremely exotic. Doc edges closer to put on his smooth move.

6-29-12 017

Before long, they were nibbling at each other’s tuffs of grass.  Love was in the air.

6-29-12 019

As the sun settled lower in the western sky, love was beginning to blossom.

6-29-12 020

Suddenly, two jealous Belgians interceded between the pair, telling her, “Don’t fall for him.  He’s nothing but a player.  Love ‘em and leave ‘em, that’s his motto.”

6-29-12 021

“Oh, I have to get away”, the mare nickered as she sped off.

6-29-12 022

“I walk that lonely life”. he neighed. ‘But wait’, he thought.  I’m a wagon horse.  Just down the road there has to be a beautiful red roan!’

This was a very relaxing day for both the horses and myself. At first, the lads were afraid to venture out and stayed close to the wagon and myself. Later, they let their horizons wider and venture farther into their 35 acre pasture.

Art has been a great host and I can’t thank him enough for his hospitality. 

Tomorrow, we continue our northern trek.