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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
When Lunch Lasts All Day


9/10/12, Davis Creek, CA (Coord. N. 41 deg. 51.042 min; W. 120 deg. 21.464 min.)

Today was one of those days when I woke with the intention of doing some traveling, but my ambition faded as the morning wore on.

With the two Belgians hitched we made good time throughout the morning.  The countryside on the northeast side of Goose Lake is wet and normally quite green.  Numerous springs and streams from the mountains provide plenty of water to irrigate pastures and fields.

9-10-12 001

Even under drought conditions, many of the farmers still have irrigation water.

Fifteen mile long Goose Lake, like many in the Great Basin has no outflow, causing the lake to be alkali. It may not be potable water, but it looks real pretty. Where the lake has receded with the summer heat, alkali salts leave several hues of color along the lake shore.

9-10-12 002

Stopped of a morning break, about a mile inland from the lake shore.

At noon, the lads had just finished climbing a fairly large hill that rises 500 feet in elevation above the lake.  At the top was a very nice turnout amongst the juniper trees. As I sat outside eating my lunch and soaking in the magnificent scenery, my ambition of travel further today faded quickly.

The wagon is over 100 feet from the highway, on the top of a hill. There is some dried up grass for the horses to munch on and I have a great view. Casting aside what little ambition I had left, I made a corral for the horses and settled in for the evening.

9-10-12 004

The Brothers.

Near the end of the month, I should be in the Reno/Carson City, NV area. Right now, Iím just about on track on where I projected I would be on this date. Iíll continue to follow US 395 until I get northwest of Barstow, CA.  At that time I plan on heading east to cross the Colorado River at Parker, AZ. If I have everything timed right, I should clear the higher elevations near the Sierra Mountains before the snow starts flying and move into the Mohave Desert.  I plan on passing through the Mohave and into the lower Sonoran Desert as winter approaches.

9-10-12 005

Doc actually enjoyed his day off.  He walked alongside the trailer but wasnít pushing us too hard with his halter.

This was a nice relaxing day.