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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Washoe Valley


9/27/12, N.W. of Carson City, NV - Tonight, Iím located just NW of Carson City on Combs Canyon Road. It was a truly incredible day as I made my way across the Washoe Valley and down Combs Canyon to the outskirts of Carson City. The day was filled with a lot of really great people, many of whom brought gifts and wished me well on my travels.

In the morning, I broke camp and started down the road.  The first stop was at the Truckee Meadow Fire Department, where the Firemen were more than happy to fill up my empty water jugs and put air in the trailer tires.  This was a great stop where I met some really nice guys.

9-27-12 001

A nice stop at the Service Station (I mean Fire Station) - great people!

My next stop was in the town of Washoe Valley, where quite a crowd gathered to say Ďhií and meet the team.  Among those I met was Ally who brought me a jar of Sulfa antibiotic cream for the horses - Thank You Very Much. Another guy promised to swing by my evening camp with a bale of hay, which he later did - Thank You. Another guy went home and picked a large bucket of very good macintosh apples (nothing but the best for the lads) - the lads say ĎThank Youí. This was a very memorable and nice stop.

9-27-12 005

Ally, with her daughter and a jar of antibiotic cream.

9-27-12 008

Last night, Ally got to sit on Bill; today her daughter sat on Doc.

The Washoe Valley is a very beautiful and friendly place.  In nearly every car that went by, people were waving or stopping to extend a greeting.  I really enjoyed my trek south along the lake.

9-27-12 009

Some homes with a picturesque view.

9-27-12 015

The southeast shore of the lake is bordered by a large State Park. With the lake and the mountains is was a pretty sight.

Among the people I met today was Jerry, a fellow teamster who has been following my blog. He drove over with his wife and brother/sister in law to say Ďhií and bring a gift of grain - Thank You.

9-27-12 010

Some good folks who came looking for me. Like many others, they have only to follow a well laid out trail that we leave on the road behind us.

9-27-12 012

Some equestrians in the State Park who stopped to chat.

Leaving the Washoe Valley, the lads had to pull the wagon up some steep hills to reach the head of Combs Canyon.  The grade was steep, but Bob and Bill leaned into their collars and made the pull.  From there, it was down a steep, mile long road to my campsite on the outskirts of Carson City.

Tonight, Iím settled into a roadside camp and poised to cross the city tomorrow.

9-27-12 017

Doc always welcomes folks to come and sit on his back.

9-27-12 018

Some very nice folks who stopped by with some very nice gifts, to include carrots, apples and pears for the horses - Thank you.

9-27-12 022

Not to be outdone by Doc, Bill had a chance to host a young mother and her son on his back.