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8/1/12, W. of Clarkston, WA - The day when we crossed into the State of Washington was very rewarding. When I broke camp this morning, I had two major tasks ahead of me: to cross the twin cities of Lewiston, ID and Clarkston, WA, and to pickup some supplies while I was in town. Iím happy to say that I got both tasks accomplished and am Iím now camped with friends about 6 miles west of Clarkston, just off US-12.

To give me a straight driving team in the city, I hitched Bill and Doc this morning. As we drove into town, the traffic was heavy but the shoulder was wide enough for the wagon and we made good time.

8-1-12 002

Navigating through the interchanges as we came into Lewiston.

Entering Lewiston, I stopped at a gas station where I picked up a copy of the Lewiston newspaper with the Wagonteamster article on the front page. Then the lads and I back tracked a few blocks to go to the feed store and pick up some oats and water.

8-1-12 003

Stopping for grain and water at Intermountain Feed and Merchantile, Lewiston, ID

There was a great bypass road along the Clearwater River Levee that bypassed much of the business distract.  I made good time to the Snake River Bridge, leading to the State of Washington.

8-1-12 004

This old draw bridge across the Snake only had 8 feet wide lanes, but the lads were walking straight, so it did the job.

Idaho has been a great state and Iím really impressed with it. The countryside is beautiful, the people friendly and the government seems to work. Of all my travels to date, I would say itís near the top of the list in my opinion of states to visit/

8-1-12 009

A new state for the lads and I.  As happy as we are to see something new, weíre going to miss the green grass and gorgeous scenery of Northern Idaho!

My first stop in the state was an Albertsonís Grocery Store, where I picked up a week supply of perishables.  I had to defrost the refrigerator so I threw away what was left in the ice box.  There were a couple of old Vets hanging out by the wagon when I went into the store.  When I came out, one of them volunteered to return my shopping cart.  As a reward for his good deed, he found an unscratched lottery ticket in a cart. Upon scratching it, he found he had won $20. I guess the moral of this story is to never pass up the opportunity to do a good deed!

Right around the corner was a Walmart, where I stopped to buy a new small camera and some ink cartridges for my laser printer. When I came back out, quite a crowd of folks had gathered to see the horses.

8-1-12-1 001

This mom and her young son had a good time on Doc.

8-1-12-1 004

This little girl from one family helped another little boy from another sit on Doc.

8-1-12-1 006

This 12 year old girl was paralyzed from the waste down, and was really enthusiastic about meeting the horses. You notice that the boys are really careful around the wheel chair.

8-1-12-1 003

When I lifted her up on Doc, she was in seventh heaven!

After leaving Walmart, I had traveled a block when a gave and interview to KLUE TV, from Lewiston.  The Videographer/Reporter rode with me for a bit to get the story. After a short interview, she got some picture of the team.

Exiting the City of Clarkston, the lads and I headed west on US-12, towards Walla Walla, WA (about 100 miles away).  Six miles down the road, I was stoped by Jeanie and Janie, who asked if I needed a place to stay. The lads and I are now camped up on a hill and living large.

Tomorrow morning we continue westward on US-12.

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