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Wagon Bum & Trailer Rat


11/2/12 & 11/3/12

11/2/13, Joshua Tree, CA (Coord, N. 34 deg, 12.101 min; W. 116 deg, 16.917 min)

This was a short day of travel as the lads and I called it quits early in the afternoon.

My friend Nathan camped nearby overnight and headed off to Joshua Tree National Park in the morning, following a cup of coffee.  Nathan works as a Naturalist and took the time to describe to me some of the characteristics of the local fauna, which I found fascinating. In addition to Phil (from Los Angeles), he also drove a long distance to meet me).

After hitching up, I drove Doc and Bob down a back road to the east. Just before turning south, Troy invited me to stop in and get some water.  We had a nice visit, and I admired some of his artwork, including the large sculpture of a mosquito that he had out front.

11-3-12 001

Troy and his wife Michelle in front of Troy’s mosquito sculpture.

After having lunch a couple of miles down the road, I continued on for two more miles where I met Linda and Karen. Linda invited me back to her place to rest the horses for a day. The team was in need of a day off, so I backtracked four miles to her place.

11/3/12, Joshua Tree, CA

The lads enjoyed their day off, and I used it to put some shoes on B.O.B., clean out the trailer, resupply, and get things ready for the long desert crossing to Parker, AZ.

While I was cleaning out the trailer, I came face to face with Fred, my pack rat friend who has been living in my trailer for the previous 4 months. Every wagon bum should have a trailer rat, so I feel honored for the company. When Fred made his second appearance, I took the liberty of giving him a shower with the water hose that I was using to refill my 30 gallon water tank. I don’t think he liked my attempt at aiding his personal hygiene, as he then scooted back into the stacked up hay (durn rat)!

11-3-12 004

Bill, enjoying another beautiful sunset on a day off!

The wagon and trailer are now fully supplied and ready for my sojourn across the desert to Arizona.  (Actually, I’m over supplied as I have enough feed to last me through the City of Twentynine Palms, then make the trip across the desert.)

On the way to Parker, I have a water stop where the highway crosses the Colorado River Aqueduct, 50 miles past Twentynine Palms.

After reaching Parker, I plan on enjoying riparian life for a while and will probably turn north and visit the Cities of Lake Havasu and Bullhead City.  With plenty of time to enjoy the southern desert this winter, I plan on doing a little ‘Aimless Wandering’.

11-3-12 006

B.O.B. and Doc enjoying their time off as guests of our host.

All in all, this has been a great couple of days.  Fred has been egging me to get on the website and start blogging, but I’m patiently waiting to see how our relationship develops!