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Up the Hill


8/2/12, Alpowa Summit, WA - Today was a long day of climbing as the lads pulled the wagon from 500 feet above sea level to over 2700 feet.  Tonight, Iím 1/2 mile west of the Alpowa Summit on US-12.

I started the morning with the Belgian hitched up and Doc harnessed up and ready to go when we started climbing away from the river. Jeanie rode along for the first two hours as we turned away from the Snake River and started heading inland.  She was great company and it was really nice to have her aboard.

Where the Snake River leaves Idaho for Washington is the lowest point in the state.  Nearly all of the water drainage for the state flows out the Snake River and where it enters Washington, the Elevation is slightly more than 500 feet above sea level. Since the wagon was not headed for the ocean, the only way to go was up.  The road to Walla Walla, WA climbs to 2750 feet, reaching this point at the Alpowa Summit.  I was told there was a nice rest area at the top, but it didnít have enough room for the horses. So, with Doc back in tow, I headed downhill for about 1/2 mile until I found a good piece of ground on the right-of-way.

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I had lots of visitors at camp tonight, including this young lady, who got a chance to sit on Bill.

When I saw a wide piece of ground on the right-of-way with green grass, I turned in and set up camp. But, the green grass turned out to be Crested Wheat Grass, which the horses wonít eat. I broke open a bale of alfalfa to keep them happy.

Tomorrow, I continue my trek towards Walla Walla.

8-2-12 002

Usually Crested Wheat grows in clumps and has high seed heads in each clump. This stuff grew as a carpet and only head the occasional seed head poking up. I got fooled!