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Up and Down


7/3/12, Harrison, MT - Tonight Iím located about 3 miles south of the town of Harrison on US-287.  It was definitely a day of Ups and Downs (in terms of terrain). This morning, when I left Lynn and Scottís place I had all three of the guys hooked up in anticipation of a large hill just to the north. I was thankful for the extra horsepower as the hill was about 3 miles long and pitched between 5 and 10%. The lads pulled it without too much problem, but Bill was pretty tuckered by the time we made the top.

7-3-12 001

Starting the day with plenty of horsepower.

At the top of the hill, I put Doc in reserve and left the two Belgians pulling the wagon. But, as I mentioned, Bill was pretty tuckered. When heís tired, getting him to work is like trying to squeeze blood out of a carrot. But, I suffered with his slow pace until we had lunch in the town of Norris.  At that time, my patience was tried enough and Bill went into the dugout, while Doc came out and stepped up to the plate.

7-3-12 002

Doc and Bob pulling in the afternoon.

After lunch the terrain continued with ups and downs.  But the grades were 7 or 8% or less and Doc and Bob could handle them okay. The shoulder disappeared in Norris, so we had to run down the center of the lane.

I pulled over on a wide right of way to camp tonight.  The grass is thick and green and there is water at the bottom of a draw.  Itís a nice camping spot, as long as I can get out in the morning.

7-3-12 003

Relaxing in the bed as I write tonightís blog.

All in all, it wasnít a very exciting day. Iíve had a couple of visitors, but the traffic is fast and there isnít much room on the shoulder for cars to pull over. More than half of the traffic on the highway disappeared at Norris, where a there is a highway to Bozeman (which is fine with me).

Tomorrow, we continue or trek northward.