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Tuesday Brunch


10/2/12, Wellington, NV - This was a short day on the road as the lads and I took a Tuesday Brunch, then later an early end to our day of travel.  I’m currently 7 miles west of Wellington on NV 208.

I started the day off with a 4 mile drive to the home of some nice folks who invited me to stay with them last night.  It was early in the day, but I decided the horses needed some down time, good grazing and water, so I unharnessed them and turned them out into a nice little pasture with a spring fed pond. There’s few things the lads enjoy more than a bunch of really green grass and some fresh water, so they dug in. Two and a half hours later, I pulled them out and put them back into their work clothes.  Before putting him in harness, I thought I heard Doc say, “Hey, where’s my complimentary Champagne?” This was a great break, right at the beginning of the day!

10-2-12 002

Unlike New Mexico, which has a picture of dairy cattle, the ‘Livestock Caution’ signs in Nevada show a rather wild and spicy beef cow on the sign.

The lads had a great break and I hit the road again after lunch, Just before starting off, I met up with Debbie.  Her and her husband had driven from the other sides of the Sierra Mountains to meet the lads and I.  Debbie drove with me for a couple of miles and was good company.  She also brought gifts of grain and treats for the horses.

10-2-12 009

Green grass, a clear pond and a midmorning brunch - it doesn’t get much better.

On the advice of my hosts, I decided to take a detour to the east and drive to Bridgeport, CA.  So, a couple of miles down the road, I turned the lads down route 308 and headed to Wellington.  Not far down 208 I had an offer to spend the night at a ranch with some good folks. So here I am comfortably bedded down after a spaghetti dinner and the horses in a good paddock with a bale of hay.

10-2-12 010

It’s a serene setting to watch a horse drinking from a clear, spring fed pond.

It’s nice to be free of the too-fast traffic that is frequenting US 395. The lads and I are well supplied and can enjoy a more leisurely route to Bishop, CA.