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Trip Planning


1/29/12, Missouri Valley, IA - With less than three weeks until my return to Colorado, the planning for Trip #4 is well underway. The map below shows my projected route and approximate times when the lads and I will be in a particular area.  I decided on a route that would provide me with the best scenery and trout fishing.

Before the journey is over, the horses should have another 5000 miles of road behind them and be a lean - mean - pulling machine.  The route I have chosen brings us through all eleven of the western states in the continental U.S.

The journey begins in La Garita, Colorado and travels north, through the Rockies in the spring and summer. Fall will see us moving south and arriving in the southern deserts before winter sets in. After a leisurely winter trip east through the warm country, the lads will turn and follow the spring grass growth north to Colorado.

Trip 4 Map

On this trip, I will be taking a quantum leap into the 21st century by incorporating video into the blog. About every two weeks, I plan on uploading a 10 to 15 minute video segment of life at three miles per hour. This should provide some real ‘reality’ TV, without a bunch of staged Hollywood drama or a dead fish fight on an icy boat, bobbing around in the Barents Sea.

Shortly after I return to Colorado, I have to order some parts and bring the wagon over to a carriage maker to start it’s makeover.  The next few weeks will see me working on the wagon, shoeing and conditioning horses and getting my act together for a year- long hiatus. 

On April 1, the wagon departs on a two week long training run to the Rio Grande River Valley.  My friend Dave Buck and I plan on spending a week camped along the river and filming the wild horse herd that inhabits the area.