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Training the Teamster & Movie


The Wagonteamster Channel has itís first video production - Journey To the Valley Of the Wild Horses


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4-4-13, Blair, NE - As my time grows short here in Nebraska, Iíve shifted modes. Instead of placing the primary emphasis on teaching the horses, Iím now ensuring that Taunia has the skills necessary to keep working them.

Paul Kurtti, Taunia and Donís son, put together a very nice. edited video clip of the first 7 lessons. You can see first hand a lot of what it takes to train a pair of young horses to drive. The clip showing Rubenís rambunctious ďplayĒ during his second round pen session is quite entertaining! Launch this Youtube clip here.  My thanks to Paul for putting this together.

Here are a couple of shots of Taunia ground driving her boys.  It took about a half hour for the horses and owner to feel each other out and get comfortable with each other. After an hour of driving, Taunia took them down the hill to a farm pond and drove them around. Like people, horses get bored and enjoy seeing new things and going to different places.


Thank you to everyone for offering me a happy birthday.  Iíll be back in Oregon in a week and a half and Iím really looking forward to enjoying the great weather this summer in the Oregon Outback.