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To the Rest Area


8/26/12, E. of Riley, OR (Coord. N. 43 deg, 31.898;  W. 119 deg, 19.224.

This was a great day, full of interesting people.  After leaving the home ranch of my hosts, Pedro and Toni, I drove the lad through the cities of Burns and Hines. Everywhere I stopped folks came out to greet us and with us well.  A few miles from the ranch, I stopped at a gas station and said a last goodbye to Toni. I canít thank them enough for their kindness and generosity during my visit.

The great gift of 75# of carrots actually came from Anita, a nice lady I met, a few miles outside of Clarkston, WA - Thank you very much.

8-26-12 001

Pedro and Toni, saying goodbye at the ranch.

Several miles after I set out, I finally made my way through the twin cities of Burns and Hines. The county Iím currently in is the tenth largest in the Continental U.S. with 10,000 square miles. It only has a population of 8000 people with half of them living in one of these two cities.

8-26-12 002

Just west of the towns is a set of corral where the BLM brings many of the wild horses that have overpopulated the range.

Most of the day, we traveled over flat terrain, with a mile of uphill near the end of the afternoon.  Before climbing the hill, the land received some irrigation from the Silvies River, so much of the lad was still farmed.  After starting up the hill it was all dry, upland desert/

8-26-12 003

Before ascending the hill, I stopped for lunch in front of Jackís Ranch and Alfalfa farm.  He is a semi retired dentist that was kind enough to bring the boys some loose alfalfa and me some fresh sweet corn.

20 miles from my starting point, I stopped for the evening at a very nice roadside rest area. It was amazing how many people I met.

8-26-12 006

While the grass in the paddock was all burnt up, the lads had plenty of fresh water and a place to roll.

My first visitor was a couple driving an Airstream trailer.  They happened to meet and became good friends with a Bernie and Marge, who I met over a week agon.

8-26-12 004

Itís a small ĎAirstreamí world.

I also met and had supper with a couple from the Netherlands.  They are driving an old Dutch Army truck on a tour around North America.  These are really fine people who arenít afraid to just get out an Ďdo ití

8-26-12 005

Now, thatís a one of a kind RV.

After some great company, a good meal and a nice day, Iím ready to hit the hay. I donít know how internet/cell service will be south of Riley, but Iíll try my best to post tomorrow night.