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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
To and Through Bishop


10/12/12, Bishop, CA - (Coord N. 37 deg; 19.938 min, W. 118 deg, 23.722 min) Tonight, Iím just south of Bishop on US-395. This morning, I had the two Belgian hitched and we made good time as we passed large fields irrigated by streams flowing down from the Sierrras. 


10-12-12 002

In a scene similar to last night, the lads pulled through a tree lined boulevard as I took the small country roads.

The scenery continued to be magnificent as clouds formed over the peaks from the moisture that fell the day before.

10-12-12 004

After an extremely dry summer, the snow gathering on the peaks is a welcome sign.

As green as the Round Valley/Bishop area is, Iím sure it was once greener. The City of Los Angeles has been buying up much of the areaís water rights.  Water that once turned pastures green, now makes a long journey to flush toilets in L.A.

It was a thirteen mile trek to the City of Bishop. I had quite a few provisioning stops to make in town.  Since I didnít make it into the city until early afternoon, I knew it would be a race to get my shopping done and get out of ĎDodgeí before the sun set.

10-12-12 007

The Lads, poised and ready to go charging down the aisles at Rite Aid.

If you are looking for cheap feed, you might want to pass Bishop by. To date, this is the most expensive place that Iíve had to buy feed.

10-12-12 009

Cruising the streets.

10-12-12 010

My stop at the hardware store, where I picked up some water jugs, a new hose, a new tarp and a tool to help with locks that have been illegally installed on public go-around gates for cattle guards.

Tonight, the lads and I have a pretty good roadside camp, a couple of miles south of Bishop.  It was a long day, but theyíre munching some good feed, have a place to roll, stretch their bones and lay down.  I did pretty good in the feed department too. Thanks to Blair, my host in Crowley, Iím enjoying a really nice Fillet Mignon steak.

Tomorrow, Iím off to the town of Big Pine.

10-12-12 011

Hmm, a day off, a big pile of alfalfa and oats and a gorgeous sunset over the Sierras; well I guess Docís having a good day!