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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
The Reno Strip


9/24/12, Reno, NV - Coordinates: N. 39 deg., 26.634 min; W. 119 deg, 46.448 min.

Tonight, Iím on the south side of Reno after nearly crossing the city from north to south. The morning drive was filled with challenging terrain, but it flattened just before I pulled into downtown. In the afternoon, the lads smoothly pulled the wagon through the heart of downtown, past the casinos and on to the south side.

9-24-12 004

The northeast side of the city was full of challenging hills that gave B.O.B. and Doc a good workout.

Just before lunch, I pulled into Greenís Feedstore and purchased a few supplies. In addition to hay and grain, I picked up some front shoes for Doc and Bob, as Iím getting low on these.  I also bought some borium sticks. When I get access to a torch, Iíll apply borium to the toes and heals to harden them up.

The Greens were very nice people and I decided to have lunch by the store. This was a very pleasant stop.

9-24-12 006

A nice stop at the feed store.

After lunch, the road continued downhill, until it leveled off just before I came into the center of town.  I was driving down Virginia Street, which took me past most of the big casinos and hotels.  The lads attracted a lot of attention, and I stopped to chat when there was a place to pull out of the traffic.

9-24-12 009

Just as I entered downtown, I crossed Interstate 80.

It has been awhile since the team has driven through a large city, but they handled the traffic, lights and distractions without a problem.

9-24-12 012
9-24-12 013

I donít imagine too many people drive horse drawn wagons through the center of Reno.

9-24-12 015

A young lady and her child at one of the stops I made going through town.

The biggest challenge with moving across a large city is finding adequate camping spots. This morning, I broke camp in the northwest corner of the metropolitan area, but still near the fringe of the area that was continuously built up.  This evening, I found a nice pull off about three miles before I hit the rural area. As rush hour traffic was just starting, it was a good time to get off the road.

Tonight, the horses have a nice round pen and are comfortable. A local draft horse enthusiast was kind enough to drop off a bale of hay to replace the one I used tonight.  This leaves the wagon still fully provisioned for the next leg of the trip. 

Tomorrow, I start the trek towards Carson City.