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The Montana Speedway


7/15/12, Potomac, MT - After breaking camp this morning, I stopped at the river and refilled my water jugs before hitting the road.  The early morning traffic was light, and it was a fairly easy pull to the crossroads of Clearwater, 4 miles past the campsite.

7-15-12 001

A 1/4 inch of rain fell during the night, so it left layers of mist and condensation painted across the mountains.

After picking up a few supplies and topping off the water tank on the wagon, I once more began our trek westward. West of Clearwater, (junction of MT-83) the road had a nice wide shoulder and I was able to maintain a good separation from the ever increasing flow of traffic. While most of the cars were courteous and safe, quite a few drivers took advantage of the 70 mph speed limit and no apparent police presence to fly by at high speeds.  Little wonder at the large number of crosses placed on the roadside to indicate a past traffic fatality.

7-15-12 002

Since entering Montana a couple of weeks ago, I have passed hundreds, if not thousands of white crosses decorating the side of the highway.

Early in the afternoon, I encountered my Israeli friends from a few days ago.  They had bicycled to Missoula to see a mountain bike race, and were now on their way to Glacier National Park.

7-15-12 003

Eriz and Guy, enjoying America.

Passing the small town of Potomac, I stopped to chat with several people in front of general store.  Among them were the Halls, local ranchers that had seen the wagon across their field and decided to check me out.

With 19 miles behind me, I accepted their offer to camp on their ranch for the night.  So, I did an about face and drove the 1/2 mile back to their ranch. Once again, the lads are living the easy life with a large field of green grass. With my laundry done and a great home cooked meal, Iím not far behind them.

7-15-12 004

Visiting with the Hallís, shortly before driving back to their ranch.

Tomorrow, I plan on camping just east of Missoula, to all me time to get a few things done in town and still camp on the far side of town.