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The Duke & the Three Amigos


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6/5/10, Montrose, CO - It was a pretty full day, at the Museum and the replica western town of Adobe Flats. The crew of the Biscuit Wagon got to rub shoulders with a lot of folks; including, Ermal Williamson, Actor and John Wayne Impersonator, and several fair maidens, that were not really in distress (but they could have been.)

Tonight, we’re comfortably settled at the home of my good friends, Jim and Gayla, on the Southern side of Montrose.  Tomorrow, I’m headed south once more, for another attempt at my fishing hole on the south side of the Snefells Range.  After that, I’m meeting with my old friend, Chris Blatter, who’s always game for Adventure (with a capital ‘A’).  Somehow, in the near future, I have a feeling the good crew of the Biscuit Wagon will be crossing the Fun Barrier.

For today’s story, I’ll let the pictures and the captions carry the tale!

6-5-10 020

Probably the highlight of the day, is when the lads got to rub shoulders and be driven by the “Duke”.

6-5-10 001

Quite a gathering of the town’s esteemed ladies outside the church.  Later in the day, I was sipping a cocktail, which might have caused a ruckus; as they would have either pushed for Temperance, or joined me for a drink.

6-5-10 002

While all this was going on, Doc was entertaining the local Girl Scouts and other folks. One of the games I played with the kids is that they had to guess which horseshoe was for which horse, before they could give the horse a carrot.

6-5-10 005

Doc said that he wanted one of those Dance Hall Girls to sit on his back.  But, he was more than happy to settle for little Alice and a fair maiden in a pink dress. Alice and her parents stopped to see the team and I today. I met them several days ago, when I was driving north to Montrose.

6-5-10 012

Shortly after Doc was entertaining the local ladies, a ruckus developed on Main Street, when a stranger started getting fresh with some of the local ladies. The ‘Duke’ had something to say about that.  Note - the wagon with bars, in the background.  It was in the movie True Grit, which was filmed in the Ridgway, the Cimarron Mountains and Montrose area.

6-5-10 015

J.W, and his Deputy confronting the Troublemaker.

6-5-10 017

During the ensuing gunbattle, the Deputy and the Bad Guy were shot.  I must say that Ermal Williamson can slick-out a handgun much faster than the original John Wayne.  If he was loaded with real cartridges, I would do my level best not to tick him off!

Of course, in the end, the Duke always gets the girl. I hope Maureen O’Hara doesn’t get jealous; she has a fearsome temper!

6-5-10 018
6-5-10 025

Bill and Bob were gracious enough to let the Duke take a hand at driving them. Note - This is the first time that Ermal has driven a team.  He did a great job and grabbed ahold of them and started driving. That’s quite an accomplishment, considering the fact that they are so heavily muscled right now, they are probably some of the strongest horses in the world. But, there ain’t no way that Bob and Bill are going to mess around with the Duke holding the lines!

6-5-10 033

Being the Duke, he can drive anywhere he wants; and that includes an Indian Village. Look how proud Bob and Bill are standing for this photo-op.  I think they believe they are auditioning for a new western movie!

6-5-10 034

Audition or not, it’s a good idea to take a look between the teepees and make sure there aren’t any braves lurking about!

6-5-10 035

Since Doc got the Fair Maiden to sit on his back, the boys wanted to socialize with her as well.  In their case, they got to be driven past the church.

6-5-10 027

The Duke’s Deputy took a turn at driving the lads as well. Of course, the Wagonteamster go to hold the John Wayne, Henry rifle, with the J.W. carved in the stock while this was going on.

6-5-10 036

When driving the few miles from the Museum to Jim and Gayla’s house, the boys kept up a trot the whole way. I had to lean back on the lines to get them to stop so I could take a picture of these mule deer by the side of the road. Note - the buck on the right is already sprouting about a foot of antlers.

6-5-10 037

Don’t they look cute with their big ears?