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Visitors From Near & Far


5/24/10, Uncompohgre, CO - I awoke this morning before the crack of dawn to a steady rain shower.  Always ready to take advantage of a situation, I flipped on the coffee pot before the generator ran out of gas (it only has a tank that last about 7 hours).  By the time the sky started getting lighter, the rain turned into a light snow.  Itís a good thing I didnít head off to my fishing hole, because the road head at 9200í would have been under about a foot of snow!

It was a windy drive this morning, and I had to keep a close eye on traffic, as there wasnít a shoulder. After taking a lunch break next to a stocked fishing pond, I set out, and shortly there after met up with a former coworker from the Nuclear Plant in New Hampshire.  Dick Isom was visiting wtih his brother and sister in Colorado, and they took a couple of hour detour to come see me.  Dick has done this before, as he visited me with his wife when I was driving through Vermont, over 5000 mlles ago!


Dick Isom, good friend and world class wagon visitor

Dick, his brother Bob, and sister Susan stopped by on a trip from Avon, CO to Moab, UT.  It was great to see them, and we spent a couple of hours visiting by the side of the road.  It was a great time, and it was really nice to see everyone.  They left some nice gifts, then hopped in the car and headed for Utah.

My next visitors were a family with a cute little tow-headed daughter. Five year old Alice was enchanted with the team and got a chance to feed them all some snacks; and to sit on Doc. Her parents call her Godís Gift, as her siblings range from 19 - 37 years old.  She was a real Sweetie, and I think she would be Godís Gift, even if she was an only child.


Dickís sister Susan, taking a few pictures.

After making camp a mile farther down the road, my next visitors were a very nice couple who also have and adventurous spirit. In a couple of weeks, they are going to begin construction of a camper based on the design of a gypsy wagon.  When theyíre done, they are headed off to see America.

My next guests were a man and his wife who are interested in hitching up a wagon with horses, and seeing America, much as I do.  These are some very nice people and very pleasant company.  We drank a couple of the beers that Dickís brother Bob left (211 is a great Lager). While we were talking, Alice and her parent showed up to visit and bring me a nice spaghetti dinner.  Alice was a lot of help in watering the horses. She told me that she would like me to come visit her family at their house, but to be sure I brought the horses!


Alice, feeding horse treats to B.O.B.

Tonight, the team is in seventh heaven, as they have a large playpen in a field of long, green, gramma grass (their favorite).  I think theyíll each be a good 50 pounds heavier in the morning. Tomorrow, when Iím in Montrose, I have a TV interview with Channel 11, out of Grand Junction, CO.  I also have to stop at a few stores, including Walmart, where I have to buy a new camera.

It started out windy and cold, but this has been one of the best days in quite a while!  I only traveled about 12 miles today, and have another 12 to go before reaching Montrose, but it was a great time, and Iím not really in a hurry.


Alice thought Doc was a pretty neat horse. When she gets home, she plans on drawing some nice pictures of the horses!