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2/21/12, La Garita, CO - Spring and adventure are almost at hand.  The sky is clear, the temperature is climbing above freezing and Iím getting anxious to hitch up and head north.

The lads are doing great.  Without a free-choice supply of good hay, they didnít pack on near as many pounds as last winter.  Horses adapt easily to the climate, so they grew 2Ē to 2 1/2Ē long coats to handle the cold valley winter. They look like equine musk oxen.

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It amazing me how so many people can drive by a scene like this and never stop.  These Sandhill Cranes and Canadian Geese are enjoying a relaxing winter on the Monte Vista National Wildlife Range. With the snow covered Blanca Peaks in the background it made for a post card picture.

The wagon is now with the Carriage Maker.  Iím having new Ďhardí doors built to the driving compartment. So I can keep the lines in my hand as I climb in and out of the wagon, the doors will hinge to the rear and open towards the front of the wagon - kind of like a British sports car.

The old Ďsoftí doors were okay, but they were inconvenient to constantly fasten and unfasten the Velcro. As they were in rough shape, I thought I would make some improvements before the big trip.

Iím keeping the boat-canvass and plastic on the front of the driving compartment.  After I do a little stitching on it, it will be in pretty good shape.  I like the ability to roll it up in good weather.

Both the wagon and trailer are going to get quite a makeover before the trip.  One of the improvements Iím going to make is to greatly expand the solar energy and battery systems. This will make me totally independent of outside power sources. I think solar power will play an important part of everyoneís future, so Iím building a new Solar Power Web Page. This Page will describe how solar power works, how I built my system, and how others can do likewise.

Because I have no sense of moderation, Iím also adding the ďWagonteamster ChannelĒ. Every couple of weeks, I plan on uploading a 10 to 15 minute video production of life on the wagon.

For the next two or three weeks, the wagon will at the Carriage Makerís place, so Iíll be using the time to gather supplies, work on the trailer and shoe the horses. And from the noise coming from the rear of the truck, Iíll also be doing a brake job.

Stay Tuned!