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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Some Civilization Again


7/25/12, Syringa, ID - After traveling through 100 miles of National Forest, I finally reached a couple of bastions of civilization.  This morning, I came to the town of Lowell, population 23 and tonight Iím settled in Syringa (maybe a few more people).

In Lowell, I first stopped at the local convenience store to pick up a couple of supplies. While I was there, I asked about any wifi service and the lady directed me to the small resort, located on the other side of the river.

Before I could address the internet, the lads had to meet the kids (and bigger folks) staying in the RV Park.

7-25-12 001

Doc is trying to tell this lady, ďIf you want a little more attention, first put a treat in your hand!Ē

7-25-12 005

There are few things Bill likes better than a cute little girl in her P.J.ís!

I had to drive down to the other end of the RV park to get near the Resort WIFI router.  I didnít have any problem finding a few youngsters who wanted to go for a ride in a wagon.

7-25-12 008

A wagon ride while on vacation - thatís pretty cool!

Internet service is a little slow in this neck of the woods, so it took about an hour to upload the blogs for the previous few days. While I was sending out my journal for the past few days, I had a chance to check on the weather forecast and look at my e-mail inbox.  Tomorrow, the temperature is expected to climb to 99 degrees. Iíll try and get underway shortly after 6 am to beat the heat. I only had 45 messages in my inbox, but I didnít have time to answer any mail.  Iíll have to chip away at that in the next few days.

With the blog out with the rest of the world, I crossed back over the river and continued on my way. I had lunch at a riverside picnic area located a few miles downstream.

As I work my way down the river, there is now getting to be a lot of privately held ground and less National Forest. As I was passing through the small burg of Syringa, Scott stepped up and asked if I would like to stay at his place for the night. With the temperature climbing, I readily agreed and pulled up to his place for the night.

7-25-12 009

In Lowell, ID, the confluence of the Selway and Lochsa Rivers.

7-25-12 011

Back across the Lochsa River to the highway.

Scott has been a tremendous host.  While the horses were filling their bellies with grass, I was filling mine with Steak. As the team is grazing on Scottís lawn, they feel rather suburban tonight.

A short day travel away, is the town of Kooskia. In town I should be able to pick up a few groceries and some grain.  Even with an early start, I probably wonít get far past town before I call it quits from the summer heat.