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Snake River


6-10-12, Snake River, WY - After a lazy, Sunday morning departure from our camp on the Hoback, the lads and I started down canyon to the town of Hoback Junction.  After buying some groceries and having lunch in Hoback, I started down the Snake River Canyon towards the Idaho State Line.

It was a cold blustery morning.  On the surrounding mountainsides, I could see that during the night, snow had stuck on the ground only a few hundred feet higher than the altitude of the camp.  For the first couple of hours, I kept the front cabin of the wagon buttoned up and a blanket on my lap. Then, as it continued to stay cold, I became a real wimp and turned on the propane heater.


A blustery June morning, with snow descending on the mountains to almost are elevation.

The lads made good time as we headed down the canyon.  The scenery was stunning and the traffic was light.  Even with a late start, I pulled into the town of Hoback Junction shortly after noon.  After parking in front of the market, I unbridled the lads and went in to pick up a few groceries. Quite a crowd gathered outside, most of which waited around until I had finished my shopping.


Lunch at the Hoback Market - some oats and a catnap - it doesnít get any better.

One of the guys I met at lunch knew Chuck and Mary Reagan and had just seen them as they were driving their mule-drawn wagon through Payson, AZ.

While I was in the store, I made sure I bought plenty of coffee. If the snow line gets any lower, Iím all set now!



This little oriental girl was here with her family on vacation.  This was her first time near a horse.  When she reflects back on her trip, I wonder what the high point her vacation will be?

Leaving Hoback, the lads and I started winding our way down the Snake River Canyon.  The scenery was gorgeous and the road shoulder was wide - it was a great trek.  About 6 miles downstream from Hoback, I pulled the lads over in a turnout for the night.

The grass is tall and sweet. I couldnít get down to the river for water as there is a steep bluff, but thatís okay. The grass is wet from a light rain and they donít need much to drink. I tried giving them a bucket of water earlier, but nobody wanted it.


The Snake River Valley - a beautiful place.

Iíve had some interesting visitors this evening. First, there was Dale, who followed the horsesí manure trail up from Rock Springs. Then, there was Nancy, whoís husband wants to ride his horse to Washington, DC to tell a few things to the President (I told her that he should complain to Obama about the price of oats!)  A guy from Israel stopped and was upset that I wouldnít rent him more horses so he could take his family for a drive. Definitely a culture shift from what he was used to!


I think the lads are becoming jaded by this sweet mountain grass.  After only filling their bellies for an hour, they all nodded off.  Bill and Doc are sleeping standing up.  B.O.B., ever the opportunist is stretched out on his side.

I last saw the Snake River 40 years ago (almost to the day). When I was 13 years old, our Boy Scout troop took a trip to the Tetons.  Part of that adventure was a raft trip down the Snake River. While we were rafting through a section of the river called the Lunch Counter, the guide lost an oar going through a large standing wave.  During tomorrowís travels, Iíll get an opportunity to see the Lunch Counter once more (from dry land).


Quick moving, but relatively placid here, the Snake turns into a raging torrent while traversing the ĎLunch Counterí (where you lose your lunch).

This morning, I found some Wifi to post last nightís blog. Who knows, tomorrow I might find another signal for todayís?

For supper tonight, I had a couple of Jim and Christinaís wonderful link-type elk meat sausage.  Jim was right; they were out of this world (I think he was a little more colorful in his description).

For Barry, keeper of the trip #4 google maps - Iím currently 6 miles S.W. of Hoback and 17 miles upstream of Alpine, WY.