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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2


10/22/12, S. Of Ridgecrest, CA - Tonight, Iím a mile north of US-395, on S. China Lake Rd.

I spent the larger part of the day shopping for supplies in the City of Ridgecrest, where I met some great people and lots of folks had an opportunity to visit the team.

After breaking camp this morning, I drove east about 1/2 mile, only to discover a detour to get around some construction.  After traveling a couple of miles down a rough road, I finally made it back to the pavement and on the road to Walmart. This is the first opportunity Iíve had to hit Americaís favorite shopping place since Reno, and there were a few things I had to pick up.

10-22-12 004

The lads, posing for the next Walmart commercial. 

Whenever I stop at a large place of business, the lads draw quite a crowd. I donít set too many rules on the wagon, but one I always adhere to is that I always let kids pet the horses.  This results in a lot of stops when Iím traveling down the road, and extended stays in shopping store parking lots, but itís always worth the time.  I also have a tendency to make time for the handicapped and elderly.

10-22-12 002

Three years ago, B.O.B. didnít even like people, now heís a big ham.

Since Doc had the day off, he wasnít in harness and had a chance to let quite a few kids enjoy the comfort of his back.  I bet there will be a few more kids asking Santa for a horse for Christmas!

10-22-12 003

Doc really enjoys these moments and gets a really calm look in his eye when he has someone on his back.

After Walmart, I stopped next door for some groceries. I skipped the gas station to fill up on water as a nice gentleman offered me some at his house, a few miles down the road.  When I got to his place, I not only filled up on water, I also got a nice package of brownies.  For the brownies and other things I was given during the day, I want to express my gratitude.

10-22-12 001

I think this lady definitely had the attention of the Belgians.

The pictures shown above are only a small sampling of the goodwill spread today by this magnificent team of horses. Tonight, Iím camped a few miles south of Ridgecrest. The lads had a short day of pulling, but did a lot of good work along the way.

The wagon is fully provisioned and on itís way to Barstow, CA, which Iíll reach in about five days.

This was a really nice day!