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Reporter and Flat Tire


6-6-12, Pinedale, WY - The lads and I are currently 8 miles NW of Pinedale on route 191. It has been a good travel day with virtually no hills and some fairly good shoulders on the road.

Before coming into Pinedale, I met up with Mark, a reporter for the local newspaper. Mark wanted to ride along for the afternoon, and I readily agreed.

6-6-12 001

Coming into Pinedale, WY.  This town is a mixture of old homes and new money.

Shortly after coming into Pinedale, I stopped at the grain store, where I purchased 400 pounds of oats to see me through the next leg of the journey.  While I was there, I noticed that one of the trailer tires had low air pressure. I filled the tire up, using the compressor at the grain store.

Mark, a reporter for the local newspaper joined me on my dayís travels at the grain store. We proceeded through town to a convenience store, where I swapped out a propane bottle and rechecked the air pressure in the trailer tire. After noticing that the air pressure was still going down, I used a can of fix-a-flat on it.  This showed a leak, but it quickly repaired itself. Not willing to take a chance on it going flat again, I broke the horse out for lunch so I could change the tire.

Whenever I jack the wagon or trailer up, I have to tie the horses to something else so they donít pull the wagon or trailer off the jack.  This was a good time for lunch, so I fed the team their oats while the tire was being changed.

6-6-12 003

Mark, a reporter for the Pinedale paper, is also a pretty good hand at driving.

With the new tire on the trailer, Mark and I were headed west on the road out of Pinedale.  It was a nice day for a drive.  It started cool, with a wind out of the north, but as the afternoon progressed the wind shifted and it warmed up a lot.

Tonight, the lads are bedded down on a piece of right-of-way that has green grass and flowing water. I met a local rancher that said his irrigation ditch had a hole in it, which accounted for the water flow.  He was a nice guy that invited me down the road to the ranch if I cared to move.

Tomorrow night, the lads and I should be back on National Forest land. Everything is going great.