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Relaxing With Draft Horse People


8/3/12, Pomeroy, WA - The lads and I only made seven miles today before we were invited to stay with some folks that have draft horses. Sassy and Dave live next door to Joanne and Ron, both of these families drive big horses. With Sassy at the lines, we turned in and parked in a nice grassy area.

The lads are turned out in a beautiful one acre paddock, full of green pasture.  If I had asked for a show of hooves on which horse wanted to have most of a day at rest with good pasture, all three of my steeds would have been laying flat on their backs with all four feet straight in the air!

Not long after we arrived, the boys got to meet the kids from the Pomeroy Day Care.  While the lads were on their best behavior, they were fed a whole bunch of apples and horse treats.  All the kids got to pet the horses and feed them treats.

8-3-12 003

Pretty exciting stuff for a bunch of future horse men and women.

Both Bill and Doc got a chance to let the kids sit on their backs. Iím not sure which of the two horses like this more, but they both enjoy in tremendously.

8-3-12 004

There are some pretty big smiles up on ĎOl Bill and Doc!

8-3-12 002
8-3-12 005

I spent most of the day relaxing and visiting with folks dropping by.  However, I did spend about and hour and a half catching up on some horseshoeing.

8-3-12 007

Not only do they have a great pasture, they also have deluxe, indoor/outdoor accommodations, a salt block and all the water they can drink.

The evening was capped off with a great dinner, on table set up near the wagon.  Yup, you can say the ĎOl Wagonteamster really had it rough today - ha ha.  Again, I would like to thank my guests for their wonderful hospitality.

Tomorrow, the lads and I are back on the road, headed to Walla Walla, WA and Pendelton, OR.

8-3-12 008

The remnants of dinner garden party.

Following is a picture taken a week and a half ago by Matt Kacmarynski of Sioux Falls, SD. It shows the wagon traveling down the Lochsa River on July 22nd.