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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Ranch Under the Sierra's


10/5/12, State Line, NV - (Coord. N. 38 deg, 25.620 min; W.119 deg, 09.207 min.)

This was a really remarkable day off in a gorgeous setting.  The horses had a chance to relax and graze in a large field, while I had a chance to do a little exploring and get some rest. Iíll let the pictures and captions provide a taste of my day.


10-5-12 006

This is an old family ranch that occupies a stretch of river valley on both sides of the state line.

10-5-12 007

Cattle are grazed on government land during the summer, while spring and fall grazing is on the ranch. Most of the winter feed is from hay.

10-5-12 010

To provide some perspective, the peak on the left is over 11,000 feet high.  Much of the rock in the mountains and surrounding hills is conglomerate. On a walk in the hills, I picked up some beautiful stones which included some brilliant rose quartz.

10-5-12 012

This picture shows the top of the wagon where it is parked behind a thick hedge of wild roses.

10-5-12 022

The lads had a good time wandering around a 50 acre pasture, munching on green grass.

10-5-12 024

The East Fork of the Walker River runs through the ranch and is full of rainbow and brown trout. The ranch supplements itís income from anglers wishing to catch and release three miles of river running through the ranch. 

10-5-12 036

Here I am enjoying one of my favorite pastimes - soaking my feet in a mountain stream.

10-5-12 038

After being out for several days on this leg of the trip, the wagon is still fully stocked with hay.  Thanks to Marcy who donated 4 big bales of alfalfa. Since she couldnít locate me while Iím on the ranch, she left the hay on the roadside with a note for me.  Some good folks saw that I was on the ranch and loaded the hay in a truck and brought it to me. Thank you to everyone.

10-5-12 042

Thereís nothing like a stunning sunset to cap off a perfect day. Just before dark, I pulled the lads off pasture and put them near the wagon for the night.

10-5-12 048

I tried to tell B.O.B. that the sky was on fire. I think I heard him reply, ďHey, donít bother me, Iím doing my best to demolish some good alfalfa.Ē

10-5-12 049

In this shot, Doc was munching some watercress that was growing along a shallow irrigation ditch.

10-5-12 050

My Main Man Bill.

Even if I wanted to, thereís not much I could add to these pictures.