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R & R In Burns


8/25/12, Burns, OR - The past two days of Rest and Recuperation have been fantastic. Both the lads and myself needed a couple of days off to unwind and pack in some more feed.  Thanks to my wonderful hosts, Pedro and Toni, we havenít lacked for a thing.

8-25-12 001

The guys are making the most of their time here. In just two days I can see where theyíve added a little body fat.

While the lads were munching, I used the time to get ready for the next segment of the trip. Leaving Burns, we have a 140 mile crossing of the high desert to the town of Lakeview, in southern Oregon.  With the drought and open range, I donít expect to find any significant amount of forage for the horses.  Also, sources of water can be as far as two or three days apart.

When I pull out in the morning, the wagon and trailer will be fully provisioned with food and water. Hereís a list of the horse supplies:

Hay (8) 100 lbs bales

Oats (10) 50 lbs bags

Water 118 gallons (twenty reserved for my use)

This is 2250 of feed and water alone, which is enough feed for 8 days and water for 3 days and 2 nights.

8-25-12 002

As part of the preparations, I unpacked, cleaned and repacked the trailer. Here you can see the hay (thanks to my hosts for donating 4 bales).  In this picture Iíve cleaned out my 30 gallon water barrel and Iím refilling it.

Yesterday, Pedro ran me over to the feed and grocery stores so I donít have to make these stops when I head out of town.  Afterwards we had beer and Chinese food.

8-25-12 003

The lads, off to eat again.  This picture highlights the fact that different horses assume the leadership role for different things.  Generally, Bill is the boss.  For puling, they all know that Doc is the boss. This picture shows that Bob is the leader when it comes to moving to new sources of feed.

This morning, I put 4 new shoes on Doc and reset Bobís front shoes.  By that time, the lads had been on good pasture for about 2 days.  In the picture below, you can see that Bill now has both calm and rested eyes.

8-25-12 007

Every once in a while, a horse just has to be a horse!

Tonight, I finished loading out the wagon and trailer. With a full larder, clean wagon, clean laundry, horses re-shod, and a full supply of feed and water Iím ready for the next segment of the trip.  Thanks to my hosts Toni and Pedro we have had a very nice R & R period.

8-25-12 008

One of the local merchants donated three 25 pound bags of carrots. Unfortunately, with the warm temperature I think many of them will go bad. But, in the meantime ...

8-25-12 010

 - Iím creating some carrot-holics.