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Parts and a Ride


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2-27-12, La Garita Creek, CO - I’m still making preparations for the trip. Most of the past week has been spent ordering and buying supplies that have a longer lead time.  Some of things I have already obtained or that are on their way include:

(3) 240 watt solar panels by Canadian Solar

(1) Charge Controller

(2) 1500 watt inverters (1 as a spare)

(1) 24 volt battery charger

(6) Deep Cycle Batteries

(1) Very bright strobe light - white

(1000) new business cards

Vinyl Lettering for the wagon

New Front Brake for the wagon; including 2 new master assemblies with pedals (one for the rear)


Before I leave on a two week ‘training trip’ to film the wild horses, I plan on having most of the wagon modifications done, to include:

  • A complete upgrade to the electrical system
  • New front brakes with an upgrade to the rear brakes
  • New Battery compartments
  • New doors to the driving compartment
  • Paint job (inside and out - with new lettering)
  • New seats for the driving compartment
  • Some trailer mods to include a new paint job
  • A new propane space heater


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The antelope are always around to greet visitors to La Garita. This herd, that actually numbers over 100, was spread throughout the field in front of the trading post, so I was only able to capture a few with a single shot of the camera.

Life isn’t all about work. Yesterday I took the horses out for a ride.  I rode Bill while Doc tagged along.  Bill was feeling pretty good and only gave me a couple of ‘feel good’ bucks. With only a couple of brief episodes of being barn sour, they got down to business and were glad to be out and about.

Tomorrow I start shoeing the team. Doc will be the first to sport new footwear.

Before I take off, I also have to order new halters and at least 3 more set of horseshoes and nails for each of the horses.  For thirteen months of travel, I’ll start the trip with at least seven sets of horses shoes for each of the lads. Along with nails, this will be about 300 pounds of iron.