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Palisades Reservoir


6/12/12 & 6/13/12

6/12/12, Palisades Reservoir - I took the day off Tuesday at my beautiful camp on the shore of the lake. Most of the day was spent relaxing, but I did manage to reset Docís front shoes. The lads had a great time on some excellent grass. Overall, this was a real ďNumber 10Ē day. I was pretty remote but managed to get some visitors in the evening.

6-13-12 009

Everybody is talking about the upcoming DNC and RNC. What about the Pelican National Convention? They held it in a little bay just south of me (I think they were working a school of bait fish).

6/13/12, Palisades, ID - Iím about a mile below the Palisades Dam on US 26.  The lads and I had a great day with good weather, unbelievable scenery and some really nice people.

In the morning, I hitched Doc and Bill as I knew it would be a tough pull back to the road.  Itís a good thing too.  If the two-track going out had been any tougher, I would have had to hitch up a third horse; but, they made it.

The road was very scenic as it wound along the east side of the lake.  This is a very underused lake that has some really tremendous camping spots all along the lake shore. I think with the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone close by, the tourists give those parks all the attention and leave this gem of a lake alone.

6-13-12 011

Palisades Reservoir - one of my favorite places.

Traffic was light all day and very considerate.  I broke the team out on the bank of a cove for lunch.  The weather was sunny and in the low 70ís.  After sipping a cocktail in a lawn chair overlooking the lake, I rehitched the lads and started towards the dam.

6-13-12 013

At one of our morning breaks, I stopped and talked with this great family from Missouri.  The boys managed to consume a couple of handfuls of horse treats and Ďall was well in the worldí!

Early in the afternoon, we reached Palisades Dam, which is a large earthen structure. At this point, the team had put in fifteen miles for the day and I decided to find a camping place before we hit civilization near the town of Palisades, a few miles up the road.

I tried the campground at the bottom of the dam, but I had a problem paying the Federal Government $10 to camp when they already got my tax money last year (thatís a me thing).

6-13-12 015

The topside of the Palisades Dam.

So, about a mile below the dam I found a nice roadside camp on the bank of the Snake River for free.

6-13-12 016

Looking downstream from the top of the dam, which is only about 150 to 200 feet tall.

I had a ton of visitors tonight, to include Dale Armstrong, his wife and grandson from Idaho Springs. Dale has been following my blog for some time now and I first met him a few nights ago.

Sue stopped by to say Ďhií and stayed for supper.  She was great company and a charming dinner companion.

6-13-12 018

Dale Armstrong with his grandson sitting on Bill.

This was a really great day.

Tomorrow, I have a nine mile run up route 26 before turning east up Pine Creek for the small towns of Victor and Drill.