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North to the Mountains


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5-30-12, North Rock Springs, WY - After a month on the road, Iíve traveled over 500 miles and seen some amazing country. Iíve also met some really neat people, which is the best part. 

Tonight, the lads and I are camped along the road, north of Rock Springs.  I managed to get most of what I needed in town, but missed out on some groceries as the supermarkets were on the wrong side of town.  Oh well, I got what I needed at a convenience store and the rest can wait until we hit a town up the road.

5-30-12 001

Once again, the wagon is north of I-80.  The last time this occurred was on the trip to Michigan to visit my Grandpa Jake back in 2009. By the way, Jake 100th birthday party is in November, if you know this old Percheron Breeder, or want to, be sure and show up.

I made several stops coming through Rock Springs, including a couple of auto part stores, the grain store and a convenience store. At each stop there were people stopping to say Ďhií and to see the team.  There were at least 3 young girls that all got a chance to feed the lads some treats and to sit on Billyís back.

A special thanks to the folks at the Wool Warehouse Grain Store for the bag of horse treats and going out of their way to see that I got water!

5-30-12 002

Bill is always delighted to have some kids sit on his back.  I think all of the young ladies got a kick out of it too.

There wasnít any hay available at the grain store and itís in short supply as I travel north. As a backup, I picked up several bags of alfalfa cubes to supplement the range grass the horses are foraging on.

Spring comes late to the northern Rockies, but I think Iím timing my adventure to coincide with the arrival of the spring grasses. In another week or so, the lads should be once again dining on the sweet, new, spring grass in the mountains.

5-30-12 003

I hate to think about all of the calls from Ďconcerned motoristsí that I generate to the police.  They are always very kind and considerate when the Ďcheck me outí.  This Wyoming State Trooper went out of his way to be nice.  The Colorado State Patrol did the same thing.  I know the Colorado State Patrol used to be called the ĎCourtesy Patrolí. I often wonder why they dropped the name?

Tomorrow morning, Iím going to try and drag my butt out of bed at the crack of dawn and tack some new shoes on B.O.B. I always wake up when the first hint of gray comes in the sky, but usually I roll over, turn on the coffee pot and lounge around in bed for a about 45 minutes before I get up.  Itís tough breaking the routine, but I guess for B.O.B. I could do it.

5-30-12 005

After a day of pulling and the excitement of town, thereís nothing like a quick snack of grass and nap in the sunshine!

Itís less than a week to Pinedale. After that, Iíll be back in the Mountains. I can almost taste the sweet, spring grass myself!