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New Wagon Travelers on the Road


10/9/11, Missouri Valley, IA - I continue to play the Manís Game here at the Nuclear Plant in Nebraska, pining away the time as I wait for good spring driving weather. Next weekend, Iím heading back to La Garita for few days.  I need to pick up some more hay for the lads, renew a few friendships and deplete the local trout population. 

Lately a couple of new adventurers have hitched up a team and hit the road.  Mark and Deb Harris recently put a nice looking team of Belgians in front of their version of the Biscuit Wagon and started heading south from Perry, Michigan. Hereís a couple of links:

Mark and Debís Blog - Journey for Jesus

A newspaper article about their adventure


Like many Americans, Deb and Mark found themselves victims of the recent economic downturn. Jobless, with their home foreclosure, they followed in the footpaths of our pioneer ancestors, hitched up a good team and hit the road. (Itís getting to be a real trend lately - ha ha).  Deb and Mark are also inspired to spread the good word in their travels.  Somehow, I bet the Harrisís will find everything they hoped for in their journey.  Not only will they bring hope, interests and dreams to many, they will also find themselves on the adventure of a lifetime.

According to my Cousin Tim, who helped get the team ready for the road, Mark and Deb were inspired somewhat by my own travels. Like me, I hope you follow and help them along on their quest however you can.


Bob and Casey, A nice looking pair of 2200 lbs Belgians.

Other Wagon Traveler News:

John McComsey has purchased a new mule and is fixing to embark on some shorter trips around Tennessee.  Following that, the plans on continuing his journey to Charleston - Iím trying to talk him into ďWagon TrainingĒ with me as I head to Montana next Spring.

Lee the Horselogger - is heading towards the east coast.  Heís currently in Wyoming and hopes to get across the great plains before the snow starts flying.  (I hope he brought his long underwear).

Chuck and Mary Reagan are in Western New Mexico and headed to the west coast. They recently gave up their attempts to maintain the old wooden wheeled chassis and got a rubber tired one.

Bernie Harberts - Hey Bernie, where are you?  Are you getting sick of the civilized world?