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Like a Steely Eyed  Missile


Like a Steely Eyed Missile

 Copyright 2009 by Bob Skelding, All rights reserved


Large accomplishments require pursuing a dream or objective to completion. Due to difficulties along the way, itís often itís hard to keep the end in site. Dreams are the building blocks of goals. They are also what keeps us steadfast in the pursuit of the desired end result.  Being faithful to a dream is what keeps us on track in following a dream with the intensity of a ďSteely Eyed MissileĒ.  Iíve been asked, ďWith the wreck, injuries and everything else, where do you find the strength to follow your dreams?Ē  This is how I do it!

Building a Dream That Will Stay the Course

Most of mankindís creative thinking is done is a semiconscious state halfway between consciousness  and deep sleep. Itís there, that we come up with most of our dreams. Since the semiconscious state does a lot of good work, itís important to write down the details of your dream so you donít forget important information later on.  Once youíve settled on a good dream to follow, donít be afraid to modify it to find something better or more workable. Make sure you have a clear vision of your dream!

Make a list of steps necessary to achieve the goal

Achieving the end objective is best accomplished by starting at the beginning and working towards the end. Never voice the negative when making this list.  For instance, if you say to yourself, ĎI donít have enough time or money to do thisí, you defeat yourself before you even start.  Negatives should be treated as roadblocks to be overcome or as sacrifices you have to make.

Can I make the sacrifices necessary to achieve the goal?

Before you start working your list, you have to ask yourself this question.  Itís best to write down all of the sacrifices you would have to make (monetary, time, emotional, family, physical).  For each sacrifice list how and if you could deal with it. Look at the objective and the sacrifices together to determine if you really want to pursue this dream.

Start working the list

Difficult goals require extra effort to reach. They need the most will power to carry on, and require you to be steadfast as you overcome obstacles. You have to pursue your goal with the determination of a heat seeking missile.  This is where having a good dream is essential.  The clearer the dream, the easier it is to stay on track.

Often, you will have to use the deep well of inner strength that each person has but seldom draws on. Remember, when you think youíve given it all you have, thereís always some more you havenít yet tapped. Long distance runners are good at this.

It gets harder to hang in there when you hit a major stumbling block.  Treat these as roadblocks to be overcome.  Modify your list of tasks to navigate around or through these obstacles. Never voice the negative.  If you remain positive and work towards the solution, youíll make it. When you fall on your butt, dust yourself off and keep on going.  Expect a sore butt on occasion, itís inevitable, just donít treat it as a defeat. You canít stop a person that keeps on coming.

Donít be afraid to take occasional small breaks from pursuing your dreams. You need this for your own mental and physical health, but also for the people around you. 

When things get tough, remember, you have the heart of a lion and the strength of a bull!

Donít put off your goals too long

You may get 50 years of good health as an adult - if you donít take advantage of them, opportunity will slip away. Rather than saying, ďmaybe one dayĒ, try saying, ďtoday.Ē