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Movin' Along


7/26/12, Kamiah, ID - After a 27 mile long day, Iím camped at the rodeo grounds on the Southwest side of town. The day saw me leaving the cedar, spruce and fir rainforest for drier ponderosa woodland, interspersed with open rangeland.

The morning started out cool and stayed that way for a while as the first few hours of the day were overcast.  It wasnít until after lunch that the skies cleared and the temperature started climbing into the 90ís.

7-26-12 001

After a 125 mile stretch of the Lolo and Clearwater National Forest, Iím finally out of the public lands.

I had Bill and Doc hitched today and they really Ďmade some tracksí. We were on the road by 6:15 AM and the lads made the 17 miles to the feed store in Kooskia before noon. All morning long I stopped to chat with people.  Just before getting to Kooskia, I would scarcely make it 200 yards down the road before pulling over to talk with someone else. This was the America that are Grandfathers knew. The lads are getting well trained. When they see someone standing next to the road, the automatically look for a good spot and pull over by themselves.

7-26-12 003

One of the dozens of nice people I met today.

In Kooskia, I had to stop at the feed store for some oats and the auto part store for a new strobe light.

7-26-12 005

Just before getting to Kooskia, the terrain started drying out and the dense forest was behind me.

7-26-12 006

Strolling down the streets of Kooskia (pronounced Kooskie).

Leaving town, I stopped at the boat launch on the Clearwater River for lunch.  The Lochsa River joined with the Clearwater in Kooskia, and Iíll follow it downstream for sometime.

Tonight, Iím at the rodeo grounds on the southwest side of Kamiah. I had to backtrack a couple of miles to get here, but Ron Snider showed me the way. He was also kind enough to bring down a few bales of hay, so Iíll have plenty for the drier country to come.

In the morning, Iíll again try for an early departure headed towards the town of Orfino.


7-26-12 007

The lads, munching their oats at the boat launch in Kooskia.