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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Mount Whitney


10/15/12, Lone Pine, CA (Coord. N. 36 deg, 37.087 min; W. 118 deg, 02.191 min.)

Today was another day of good travel and stunning scenery.

After breaking camp, my first task was to get some water in the town of Independence.  I stopped at a local gas station and filled my containers and main tank on the wagon. The water in Independence was probably the most heavily chlorinated water I have ever attempted to drink. There wasnít much to see in town, so the team and I quickly headed south.

10-15-12 001

The team, chowing down on an extra ration of morning alfalfa, thanks to my great host, Steve.

10-15-12 005

Moving through Independence.

The morning travel was easy with a gorgeous view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the west and a lower range to the east.  The Owen River Valley is truly a beautiful place. Nine miles after starting off, I pulled in front of a cattle guard, on a side road for lunch. It was such a nice day, I drank my cocktail, had a nice plate of leftover curry chicken and just languished in the sunshine for two hours.

10-15-12 008

A picture perfect setting for a nice lunch.

10-15-12 009

The lads seemed to also enjoy the ambiance.  Normally at lunch, they move around a lot and rub on the wagon.  Today, they were quiet as church mice.  After bolting down their oats, they all took a nice long catnap in the warm sunshine.

During the afternoonís trek to the town of Lone Pine, I met Clayton and Donna who ranch in the area. They were kind enough to bring me a couple of nice bales of alfalfa and some fresh fruit and vegetables - Thank you! They also provided me with directions to a great camping spot on the river, two miles east of Lone Pine.

10-15-12 011

Pulling east down a nice country road to the river, located near the base of the mountains.

Tonight, we have a great camping spot in some old corrals alongside the river. The grazing is good and the lads have free access to water.  Clayton and Donna showed up, as well as some other ranching relatives.  We shared a few beers and laughs and had a great time.

10-15-12 013

Tonight, the three amigos have plenty of good graze in a nice two acre corral.

Due west of the campsite is Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the Continental United States.  Because the mountains lies slightly west of other peaks in the range, it doesnít look as large as peaks in front of it. Often, visitors think they have spied Mt. Whitney, and in fact select the wrong peak. I know if the correct one hadnít been pointed out to me, I would have chosen incorrectly.

10-15-12 014

When viewed from the east, Mt. Whitney sets back off the front of the range. In this picture, the summit is located 2/3 of the distance from the left side of the picture and appears to be the highest object in the picture.

With the wagon fully supplied, I think Iíll take a day off in this magnificent place and give the lads and I a little rest.