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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Mojave Crossing - Day Two



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11/6/12, NE Corner of Joshua Tree National Park, (Coord. 34 deg, 05.640 mimn; 115 deg, 24.516 min).

This morning, I had the two Belgians hitched and the Docster had a day off.  With my worst pulling team hitched, I didnít expect too many miles. but we did okay, pulling nineteen miles by the end of the day.

The day had scarcely began when I already can a car pulled over of pictures and a chat.  This would set the theme for the remainder of the day.

11-6-12 001

When the desert gets some rain, overnight, it turns into a grassland.  I estimate that rain fell in last July or August, causing the seeds in the sandy soil to turn to grass.

The lads had and up and down pull today, which in many ways is the hardest for them to make.

11-6-12 002

Looking down the highway/

The drive for the day was a good one, I stopped to chat with several people, including a CHP Officer that i met a few day ago.

11-6-12 005

With the last occupied household far behind me, this is typical of the scenery I encountered throughout the day,

When the horses were about spent, I came across a piece of ground that was part of the Wilderness area adjacent to the National Park. Since the sign said Ďfoot and horse traffic are okay, I pulled the team off the road for the night.

Tonight, Iím camped in a rock amphitheater,  a few hundred yards from the highway. After a good meal, I ensured the horse are fed and watered and prepared to hit the hay. 

This was a great day.

11-6-12 008

Doc, enjoying his evening hay.

11-6-12 009

The Belgians, enjoying their evening hay!

Tomorrow, I have between 15 and 19 miles to reach the aqueduct for the Colorado River,   It will be nice to get a full load of water onboard.