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Menagerie & Brunch


10/31/12, Flamingo Heights, CA (Coord. N. 34 deg, 15.720 min, 116 deg, 26.907 min)

This was another great travel day as I trekked southeast across the Mojave Desert.

It was such a beautiful morning, I took my time with the morning chores, sitting in a chair by the wagon and drinking a cup of coffee as the sun climbed above the horizon.  I had Doc and Bill hitched this morning and they were raring to go. I was a little apprehensive about the deep sand I had to navigate to get out of my camping spot, but my fears were needless.  The boys pulled the wagon through the sand like it didnít exist.

10-31-12 001

Iíve always thought that the desert has the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The sunrise this morning was no exception.

A mile and a half after getting underway, I was flagged down by Tim and invited to his place to fill up on water. When traveling in the desert, I never miss an opportunity to get needed water and gladly accepted. 

Tim has a very good well and has made himself a little oasis in the desert.  With a wide variety of fowl and beasts he has created a very comfortable place. Goats, llamas, a pig, an emu and a wide variety of fowl share his property. In addition to water, Tim gladly provided the lads with some good Orchard Grass hay. Now that the lads have grown accustomed to being pampered at 9 am, I donít know how Iíll deal with them on a normal day.

10-31-12 002

Tim, another nice guy that Iíve met on my travels.

10-31-12 003

Bill is starting to nod off after his midmorning snack, but I think Doc is looking for the Champagne!

After a couple hours of R & R, I hitched up and continued my trek. Traffic was light and courteous, the weather was perfect and the road was good.  After a nice lunch by the side of the road, I started southeast once more.

Shortly after reaching an area built up with housing, I pulled off on a side road and looked for a place to camp.  Tucked against a rocky hill, in the midst of a bunch of Joshua trees, I found just the place.  It was a great place to end a beautiful day/

10-31-12 004

Doc, enjoying his hay in a nice camp.