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Last Day of the Trip


4-12-12, La Garita Creek Ranch - The past 12 days have been one of the best times I have ever had. Eight days of tremendous wagon travel were coupled with four days in the wilds of the Rio Grande River Valley, observing and interacting with several herds of wild horses.  In many ways, now that itís over, I would love to do it again. But, Iím going to save that for a future date. In only two and a half weeks, the lads and I will embark on a year long, grand tour of the American West.

4-5-12-1 01802

Being a Horseman, this scene of a wild mare, peacefully drinking from the river at sunset, really grabs my soul.  It says, Ďthere are places where things are still free, roaming the wild, at peace with the world.í 

I left the team tied to the wagon last night, as I was afraid that another storm would crop up and I would lose the electric fence. Surprisingly, they were still and quiet all night, happy to have the wagon and trailer to block the wind and weather.

Sensing they were near home, the lads set a blistering pace this morning, walking the fifteen miles to La Garita in only four hours.

Tonight itís nice to know they are behind a secure fence.  It will be great to get a good nightís sleep, without having an ear cocked all night long for sounds of something that may be going wrong.

Iíve already started working my list of Ďlessons-learnedí and improvements that need to be made before I leave on the end of the month.

The two week training trip accomplished everything I wanted as a shakedown cruise. On top of that, the horses, Dave and I all had a really great time!