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Kindness On a Wheat Lined Road


8/8/12 & 8/9/12

8/8/12, State Line, OR - I had a very nice day off as a guest of my gracious hosts Gary and Linda Wasemiller.  Together with Son and Daughter in Law Andy and Jodi, they made my stopover a great one.  The lads enjoyed some quality paddock time as I had a chance to get some chores done.  After going through half a jug of ‘409’ cleaning the cabin, I unpacked and repacked the trailer. I also got a chance to put new front shoes on Bill (he was a pain - The next morning he pranced around and broke my little toe for about the 20th time - oh well).  Gary and Linda took me out for a great lunch and swung by the feed store so I could pick up some oats.  In betwixt all the work I managed to get in a little relaxation. Thanks to Andy and Jodi for some great meals on both nights I was there.

8-9-12 003

The boys had a great time unwinding at the ranch.

8/9/12, Athena, OR - I’m currently a mile west of Athena, staying with a very nice family of wheat farmers. 

I got underway at 7 AM after munching on some of Linda’s great, homemade huckleberry muffins.  It was a two mile pull back to the highway, mostly through small orchards of apples, peaches and plums. On the way back to the highway, Linda stopped to take some pictures and once more say ‘goodbye’.

8-9-12 004

Crossing an old steel truss bridge on the way back to the highway.

8-9-12 005

My host LInda Wasemiller and I swapping picture ‘takings’ alongside the road.

A couple of hours into the morning, I passed through the town of Milton-Freewater.  Everywhere I went, people were stopping to talk and greet the horses.

8-9-12 008

As I passed this sign for the Oregon Trail, three ladies stepped up to greet me. I asked them, “Are you the fair, bonnet wearing maidens promised me at the end of the Oregon Trail?”  Unfortunately, they replied ‘no’ so I continued my trek.

Approaching the southern end of town, I encountered a Veterinarian Assistant who said her boss had read my website and wanted to meet me. Not wanting to disappoint a pretty girl and a guy with a scalpel, I asked her to climb aboard the wagon and show me the way. We pulled into the alley behind the Vet Practice, where I got to meet everyone.  Dr. Pat Kennedy had to make a couple more cuts and sew a few stitches, then he was out to meet me - Nice people!

8-9-12 010

The gals at the vet clinic.

8-9-12 011

While stopped at the Vet Clinic the lads had to greet a few other folks, including these sisters.

Leaving the City, the lads had a couple of long hills to climb.  It was growing warm, so I took my time and gave them a couple of rest breaks. Bob and Doc were hitched and did a great job.  I have to hand it to B.O.B., he did a great job and pulled even with Doc most of the time.

8-9-12 012

Everywhere I looked, wheat harvest was well underway and combines were snaking there way across the fields.

Every time we stopped for a break, one or two carloads of people would stop to say hi and see the horses.

8-9-12 013

I can only imagine how these kids felt meeting these giant horses, giving them a pet and a treat.

8-9-12 016

Hills always look steeper when looking up at them from the top of another hill.  From here, this grade looks like it rises at a 20 degree angle. From the bottom, the true steepness reveals itself 8 to 10% grade,

When I pulled into Athena, I had a hard time finding a place to stay.  A very nice lady walked into City Hall and asked.  One of the workers there, Michelle, said I could stay out to their farm, a mile out of town.  So, with Michelle onboard, I drove to her and her husband, Tom’s farm, a mile west of town.

8-9-12 017

An avid horsewoman, Michelle really digged the big guys. Are there draft horses in her future?

Once again, I had a banner day.  What will tomorrow bring?