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It's a Small Wagon World


7-1-12, McCallister, MT - The team did an outstanding day today, pulling the wagon 28 miles.  Tonight, Iím settled with some friends of long time wagon traveler Ron Dakota.

Knowing I had a long, hot pull, the lads were hitched and on the road before 7 am. Bill was feeling a lot better. His runny nose had dried up and there was the regular old zip in his step. I had him paired up with Doc, so they started chewing up the miles.

7-1-12 001

ďDid anyone see whatís playing on Mule TV tonight? Oh, itís the draft horse show.Ē

I had a prearranged appointment with the owner of the Feed Store in Ennis to purchase eight bags of oats. Since the grain store isnít open on Sundays or Mondays, I was lucky I could talk Pat into opening the store for a few minutes so I could pick up enough gasoline (feed) to last me for the next week and a half.

Early in the afternoon, I met Lynn, who is a good friend of fellow Teamster, Ron Dakota and his girlfriend Terry.  She invited me to stay at her and her husbands farm, 7 1/2 miles north of the town of Ennis.  Since the trip to Ennis was already 21 miles, I didnít think the team had enough energy to travel so far, but I promised to girve it a try.

7-1-12 005

Stopping for pets in downtown Ennis, MT.

Not only did Doc and Bill have enough energy, they seemed to grow stronger as the day wore on.  We arrived at the feed store a half hour before our 4 pm appointment. After putting the grain in the trailer, the lads headed up the hill towards the road at a dead gallop, then started briskly down the road going north out of town.

7-1-12 006

Pat, owner of the ĎFeeds and Needsí grain store in Ennis.

Tonight, Iím settled comfortably at Lynn and Scottís place.  The lads are having a great time wandering around a 3 acre paddock, nibbling on the grass.

Iím taking tomorrow off to reshoe some horses. All in all, this was a really great day.

7-1-12 007

Now I now what the singer John Denver meant when he sang, Iíve seen in raining fire in the skyí.