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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2


10/21/12, Ridgecrest, CA (Coord. N. 35 deg, 36.517 min; W. 117 deg, 43.587 min).

I awoke to a splendid sunrise and the sun climbed to itís zenith over a glorious day.

After breaking camp in my desert fastness, I trekked down the road with Bob and Doc hitched to the wagon.  I had my sights set on obtaining some grain and hay from Herbís Ace Hardware store in the town of Inyokern.

It was nice to be traveling on a country road with almost no traffic and a lot of friendly people waving and stopping to chat.

10-21-12 002

The hills partially shrouded in mist as the sun rose above the mountains to the east.

Originally, I planned on stopping in Inyokern for grain, then heading due east for the City of Ridgecrest.  After talking with some of the locals, I opted instead to approach Ridgecrest from the southeast, leaving me with better camping opportunities in the desert outside of town.

10-21-12 001

As the sun poked over the eastern horizon, the mountains to the west were capped with clouds.

Inyokern is a very nice town, full of friendly people. On my eight mile journey down Brown Road, I talked with folks at least a dozen times. 

The folks at Herbís Hardware were great and I topped off the trailer with hay and grain. After taking on my supplies, I filled up on water and had a great lunch out in the parking lot.

10-21-12 003

The Inyokern Business District.

After lunch, I continued south on Brown Road.  I saved myself several miles of travel by taking a shortcut, Bowman Road, east towards the southern part of Ridgecrest.  It was a tough pull down a sandy road that was rough with Ďwashboardingí but worth it for the the distance I saved.

10-21-12 004

Last February, when I planned out this trip, I arbitrarily assigned some dates to my trip map on where I should be in my travels at a particular time. Amazingly enough, Iíve managed to be within two weeks of these dates the whole time.  When I was planning the trip, I knew I had to be south of Bishop, CA by December 1, to miss the big snows of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  With Bishop now 127 miles behind me, I think Iím now safe from any inclement winter weather that would impede travel.

Tonight, Iím camped in the desert, just west of Ridgecrest.  Tomorrow morning, I only have a three mile drive to Walmart, where I have to pick up a few things.  After that, I have to swing by the grocery store before heading out of town.

10-21-12 005

A couple of young cowboys enjoying a moment on Bill.

This was another great day of travel.  Tonight, the wind is blowing strongly, but I have some good ground in which to put the stakes in for the electric fences.  Last night, the ground was softer and I was concerned the fences might be blown down in the middle of the night, so I tied the horses to the wagon and trailer all night. With firmer stakes, I feel more confident with the two separate enclosures.  At least I wonít have my A.D.D. horse, Bill, pulling on the wagon all night long.