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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Horse Bob's Journey to Hollywood


9/9/12, New Pine Creek, CA (Coord. N. 41 deg. 58.791 min., W. 120 deg. 18.222 min.

Hi Folks, it’s me B.O.B. The Horse.  I know, it’s been a long time since these nimble hooves have caressed the keys of The Teamster’s computer, but I’m so excited I just had to steal the show! Here’s the scoop - We’re in California. That’s right, after months of travel we’re finally in the same State as Hollywood, the place where actors become governors and horse’s become stars.  Before I go into my plans for becoming the most famous horse actor in the world, I’ll start with today’s story.

9-9-12 011

After a serving us a generous helping of oats, the Teamster met up with our host, Floyd Davidson and went about getting the show ready for the road. Before we could even pick up a hoof, we already had lots of visitors, including some cute kids that gave us lots of pets and treats.

9-9-12 003

Floyd’s two granddaughters being entertained by Bill.  The Doc-ster and I were getting dressed for work, so Bill was keeping an eye on the kids.

When we finally pulled out, it was with a full wagon.  In addition to the Teamster, Floyd’s wife and two granddaughters came along for the ride. The whole way through town, people were waving and taking pictures.  Several times we pulled over so people could pet us and give us some of those yummy horse treats.

9-9-12 004

I really liked 11 year old Harley’s hands on the lines.  She has a light touch and was very gentle on my super star mouth.

Everywhere we went, the boys and I were putting smiles on faces.

9-9-12 006

A couple, of the dozens of people we met in town.

After parting company with our guests on the south end of town, Doc and I proceeded to go about the business of hauling the wagon south to the Promised Land.  A lot of real friendly people stopped to chat with the Teamster and give us some more treats.

9-9-12 007

A rather unique windmill on the road south of town.

Okay, here’s my plan for achieving stardom.  The night before we make the turn east to go to Arizona, the Doc-ster and I are going to slip some fermented alfalfa juice in the Teamster’s coffee.  He’ll then cross our driving lines when he goes to hitch us up.  When he tries to turn left for Arizona, we will be banging a right instead. In the words of a famous actor - “Right Turn Clyde”. Next thing you know, I’ll be slapping my hoof tracks into the ‘Walk of Fame’.

9-9-12 009

A couple of hours after lunch, I saw the most beautiful sign I’ve ever seen - ‘Welcome to California, the land of edible flowers’.

I have to hand it to the ‘Ol Teamster. Tonight, he came through with a great camping spot on a local ranch. The guys and I have plenty of green alfalfa, mountain stream water and a great view.

9-9-12 013

Not bad, not too bad at all!

Tomorrow, the other two lads and I will be headed south into the land of milk, honey and edible flowers.  This is B.O.B. the horse, signing off.

9-9-12 008