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Hooligan Horses on the Mesa


5/18/10, Redvale, CO - After a short day of travel, I’m a couple of miles east of the Route 141 & 145 junction.  The team is more than ready for a day off, so tomorrow, they’re getting one. We’re comfortably settled at the home of Paul Wilson, and the team has more than 10 acres to roam around and graze on.

This morning, knowing I didn’t have far to drive, I took my time breaking camp.  All the way down the remainder of Broad Canyon, people were stopping to say ‘hello’. It was an easy, downhill grade through most of the canyon, with only one hill to climb out near the end.

Finally we came to the juncture of Route 145, and left route 141 behind. What followed, was a large, steep ascent up and out of Nataria Creek Canyon.

5-18-10 002

Halfway up the hill to the mesa, I met with Ginger, her sister and three kids. They later joined us at the Wilson place, where the three boys got a kick out of sitting on Doc. 

The Three Amigos enjoyed running around the property and chewing every blade of grass they could.  Everything worked great, until just about dark, when they decided to have some fun.  Paul, his son Riley and I were setting around the campfire, when the lads decided to walk across the new lawn, break into the chicken feed, and otherwise bring whatever destruction they could.

As a result of their vandalism, the three “mucho bad” Amigos are in horsey jail tonight. After rounding them up, I curtailed their freedom by placing them in the playpen. Tomorrow, they’ll be on parole, until they act up, then it’s back in the slammer for them.

5-18-10 004

As a former member of the “Roached Mane, Mohawk Club”, Doc recognizes three kindred spirits when he sees them!

Tomorrow, we’re taking the day off to get a little rest and recuperation.

biscuit #2 027

In other news - My good friend Steve Rich, has finished construction of “Biscuit Wagon II”.  Steve and his friend drove over 400 miles to Arkansas, this past winter to get all the measurements required to build a replica wagon. If the price of gas keeps going up, and Steve decides to market Biscuit Wagons, he’ll have to pay royalties to Bernie Harberts.  Since Bernie likes to wash his stock tank water down with a shot of whiskey, a bottle here and there ought to do it!