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Visitors From Afar


1/11/10, East Camden, AR - We chose another short day of travel, trekking only 14 miles to the town of East Camden.   It was a beautiful day with good roads and nice people.

After we pulled out of the park, our first stop was at the diner in the town of Beardon. Gilbert Mosely was kind enough to treat Dee and I to a couple of egg sandwiches. 


1-11-10 001

We had a prearranged stop at the Fairgrounds for Ouachita County, only 14 miles down the road, so we took our time and enjoyed the travel. William Hickman (Hickey) arranged our overnight, an was kind enough to treat us for lunch at the Airport diner.

Hickey, our host for the night arranged a police escort for a couple of narrow bridges.  The Ouachita County Sheriff’s Department was kind enough to provide it.

Shortly after we turned the horses into their playpen we had a minor rodeo.  Several hogs are being stabled here at the fairgrounds. The past couple of nights have been cold and their water containers froze over. After I drew some water for the horses, one of the sows broke out and started running for the horse’s water. Dee and I herded the sow back into her pen before she excited the horses enough to where they would break out. With the horse and pigs watered, things settled down.

1-11-10 003

In the afternoon, we had several guests, including our hosts for tonight and last night, Gilbert and Hickey. We also had some visitors from Northwest Alabama.  Steve Rich and Billy Joe Thomason drove 416 miles to see us and visit for awhile.  We had a great time with everyone, and swapped a few tales.

1-11-10 013

This was a truly remarkable day. Great weather, good roads and great people - they don’t come much better.

Tomorrow, we continue our trek down Routes 79 and 82 towards the City of Texarkana.  When we get their, Denise and I are going to put the horses up for a few days while we visit some friends and attend to some business in Mississippi.

If tomorrow is half as good as today, it will be a great day.