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Hitching Up in the Morning


4/29/12, La Garita, CO - After a year and a half living a fairly normal existence, Iím about ready to hit the road once more. Tomorrow morning, the lads and I set off on our little walk-about of the American West.  Having already hitched for three previous trips, Iím not near as apprehensive as I was prior to making the other journeys.  ďI guess itís becoming a more normal way of life!Ē

Following are a few pictures of the Biscuit Wagon, loaded and ready for the road.

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4-29-12 001

In preparing for this trip, I relied on what I had learned on my previous treks to get the wagon ĎJust Soí. In another two or three weeks, Iíll roll up the front canvass and turn the wagon into a pseudo-convertible for the summer.

4-29-12 004

One of the changes I made since the training trek was the addition of the white lettering below the solar panels.  Since I think photovoltaic power is a good thing, I included this to promote it. (No, Iím not selling solar panels, I just think itís a good thing.)

4-29-12-1 001

Iíve got a fresh coat of paint on the interior of the wagon. It sure brightens things up a bit.  (Even the tilted lamp makes it look brighter!)

4-29-12-1 002

Looking forward, you can see that my shelf is loaded down with supplies. Since I donít plan on stopping in Saguache, it will be nearly a week before I have the next opportunity to do some shopping in Gunnison, CO. If you look closely, you can see that Iím currently writing this blog on the computer.

The lads are very perceptive and know that something is up.  The wagon is parked just outside the paddock and theyíre staying pretty close to it. Itís funny, but some horses seem to associate home with a barn, paddock or field; mine think of home as Ďwhere the wagon isí.

Before I turn in for the night, theyíll each get an extra ration of hay. Then, theyíll know something is up.  Bill and Doc may ponder on that a bit, B.O.B. will just focus on the hay.

This afternoon, my friends Jerry and Bonnie had a potluck for a going away party.  A lot of friends showed up and it was a great event.

4-29-12 005

Some of the folks at the potluck.

Tomorrow morning, I embark on a thirteen month voyage of adventure.  Put in perspective, this trip will take about 1/75íth of a normal life span.  When you look at the three elderly gentlemen, sitting at the table above, there isnít one of them that doesnít wish he was making the same trip.  I guess Iím pretty fortunate.

Iíll be on the road for the next posting!