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High Desert and Traffic


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6/4/12, S. Of Boulder, WY - This should be my last day in heavy truck traffic. Tomorrow, I move north of the oil and gas fields around Boulder and it should drop right off. I have to admit, the truck drivers have been fantastic.  But they do create additional obstacles that the 25 year old kid in a “sports car - want-to-be” has a hard time dealing with.

It was with reluctance that I pulled away from the cool waters of the Big Sandy River and headed once more across the desert.  When I turned the lads into their dry, roadside playpen tonight, I got the look that said, “You have got to be kidding. Where’s our green grass and flowing river?”

6-4-12 001

Some of the dozens of antelope I saw today, along with a few wild horses.  All the wildlife was pretty skittish.  I saw four separate pronghorns that were in a panic when I drove by and they couldn’t find a way through the fence and out of the highway right-of-way.

Tomorrow, I should also come up on several branches of the Green River.  Once I hit the Green, it will break the long stretches of dry country that I’ve seen since leaving Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Not long after that, I’ll be back up in the pine trees and green grass. (I think I just heard Doc nicker, “Yeah, where we belong!”)

6-4-12 002

The Wind River Range looks cool and tantalizingly close; but, there’s a lot of sagebrush and sand between me and the mountains.

One of the bad things about a 65 mph highway, with lots of traffic and few pull-offs, I don’t get near as many people visiting as a normally would.

So, in a nutshell, I’m ready for the mountains!

6-4-12 003

“If you were a 2200 pound horse, you would also need to rest your chin at breaktime”, said Bob,  Doc mutters, “Bob, a low carb diet does not include stealing half my oats after you’ve snorted down your own pan!”

Right now, there are some wild horses just under a ridge, a few hundred yards away.  Once in a while, one will look over the ridge and Bill will nicker at them.  As soon as he does, the wild ones pop back below the ridge line. After about 5 minutes of this, Bill quit trying to be social with his wild cousins.

Tomorrow, the lads and I are crossing the east fork of the Green River and moving north towards the Holback River. We’ll follow the Holback and Snake Rivers west before turning north along the west side of the Tetons and Yellowstone.  You might notice that I have a tendency to key on geographical things like rivers and mountains more than highway numbers. That’s because these features mean a lot more to me when I’m traveling with a wagon then they would if I was traveling by car.

Goodnight All.