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Heading North Again


6/21/12, Driggs, ID - After six days of rest, I hitched up the lads and resumed my journey.  The Amigos and I got off to a late start as I had to help my host bring a mare back from the vetís office, where she got a hernia repaired.  Currently, Iím camped 2 miles south of Driggs on highway 33.

I would like to thank Deb Konz, my host for the past few days for her hospitality. The lads and I had a great time and lots of rest.  As promised, the horses turned the nice long grass into a golf course and picked up a few pounds in the process. I probably picked up a couple myself!


6-21-12 001

California Poppies were in bloom everywhere as we rode into town the other day.

During the downtime, I managed to sneak in two great horseback rides, including one to the mountains and another into town for lunch and a couple of beers.

I met several of the local teamsters, most of whom had either seen me on the road or read an article that ran this week in Intermountain Farm and Ranch.

6-21-12 002

While riding the lads into town for lunch, I ran into this guy, who was driving his mules into town for the same purpose.  My horses were tied to the aspen trees that he normally uses as a hitching post, so he had to settle for a utility pole.  Whatever happened to the good old days when there were plenty of hitching posts at every saloon?

At 2 pm this afternoon, the lads and I turned down the driveway and started traveling northward. Doc was still dreaming about that cute little red roan at Debís place so he didnít set his normal blistering pace.

Thereís a really nice right-of-way south of Driggs where an old railroad bed used to run.  The tracks are gone and replaced with a bicycle path. Between the bike path and a gravel frontage road is a wide right-of-way, full of green grass.

6-21-12 003

Right in the middle of the ladís paddock is a two feet wide ditch, flowing with nice clear irrigation water from Teton Creek.  With plenty of green grass, and about 100 feet to the highway, this is a pretty good camping spot.

Itís suppose to be in the 80ís for the next few days, so Iím going to try and get an early start and beat the heat.

The wagon is fairly well provisioned, so I shouldnít have to stop for any supplies until I get to the town of Ashton, a couple of days north of here.  For the next three days, the lads and I will be moving through farm and ranch lands before we once again enter the National Forest.