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Gunnison, CO


5-4-12, Gunnison, CO - Within a couple hours of hitching up this morning, we finally pulled up to US Route 50.  After I downed a cup of coffee and uploaded blogs for the previous three days, I had a nice chat with a really great State Patrolman.

US 50 was busy, but had a good shoulder for the trip into Gunnison.  All along the way, people were waving, taking pictures and pulling over to chat, Shortly after 12, we pulled in to this great American town.  My first stop was at the Grocery store where I had to pick up a couple of things.

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5-4-12 003

Gunnison City Park - Very Nice!

Quite a crowd had gathered around the wagon at the grocery store.  To include a nice young family with a small child that wanted to sit on Bill. I was about to ask directions to a feed store, when a lady volunteered the information that it was right across the store.  If it would have been a snake, I would have been a goner.

5-4-12 004

Like Doc, Billy really loves to entertain the youngsters.

I bought a couple of sacks of oats at the feed store and they were kind enough to let me fill up my water jugs out back. A young equestrian lady was really impressed with the size of the lads.

5-4-12 006

B.O.B. has developed an interesting quirk. Whenever I say his name when I’m driving, he throws his head up into the air. I guess it also works when I’m standing off to the side!

On our way out of town, I stopped several times for people to chat and pet the horses.  Some of the comments I received were: “This is really cool.”  “I think everybody should go back to horse and wagon.”  “Living the dream, man”.

5-4-12 007

Doc got his share of pets too!

Shortly after crossing the Gunnison River, on the west side of town, I pulled into the White Water City Park for lunch. Jan stopped by and helped me lead to the lads down to the river for a drink. As she led B.O.B. up to the river, I warned her, “If he starts going in too deep, let go of the lead rope. He won’t go anywhere.” I had to give this warning, as B.O.B. frequently likes to mix his river drinks with a little bath.

This was a very tranquil scene for a lunchtime setting.

5-4-12 010

Hey Bill, what do you think about lunch?

5-4-12 012

After lunch, it was more of the same as we headed down a frontage road as we were leaving town.

5-4-12 014

The lads with a very nice evening stop.

Tonight, we’re settled in at a roadside park on the National Recreation Area.  The boys laid waste to their pasture in just a few hours, so I augmented it with a little hay.  This is a very peaceful setting, about 300 yards off the highway.  Several very nice people have stopped to chat and hear about my travels.

5-4-12 015

B.O.B, likes to mix a little personal hygiene with his evening drink.

Another really nice day. In a couple of days, I plan on reaching the ranch of some friends on the Cimarron River. After a long trek, the lads will deserve a day off and a chance to eat some grass.