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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
From the Heat to JW Jones's


6/25/09, Gosport, IN - I woke at 5 am to a day already warm, with the promise of more heat to come. We pulled out of Nan’s about 6:45 am and started making are way south down route 67. There was a good shoulder for the first 3 miles, then the road narrowed down.  As the traffic was a little crazy, I kicked on the “Amish Policeman” red and blue flashing lights. They did a great job of slowing down the traffic. The lads were stepping out pretty good and we made the town of Paragon before 10 am.  After stopping at a gas station for a cup of coffee and some rest, we started pulling past the JW Jones machinery company. JW met me at the drive way and once again invited us to stay at his beautiful farm. See the “Number 10 Day” blog from the first trip for more on this great place.

Just before we started pulling up the hill into Gosport, the temperature kicked up about 10 degrees and the horses were playing out fast.  Short of the top, I found a shady place alongside the road for a lunch break.  (First I had to enjoy a nice ice cold glass of tea delivered curb side by a good neighbor). Before taking off from lunch, Pat and Jo Miller stopped by from Shelbyville with some horse and dog treats.  The lads are quickly developing the “wagon horse” mentality and like to meet people (with their treats). They’re also starting to put a lot of faith in me.

6-26-09 002

The heat and humidity kept climbing (both well in the 90’s) and the team was pretty played out, so I got out and led them for the 2 miles or so to JW’s.  The were balky to drive, but if I led them, they pulled the last little bit fine.  If they get excited about something, they’re starting to calm right down to the sound of my voice.

JW’s son John bought pizzas and together with some other friends, we had a nice social evening.

Friday is a day of rest. It’s suppose to be just as hot as yesterday, so it’s a good time to sit around in the shade, lick a mineral block and eat some good Indiana alfalfa. There’s only about 4 more days of driving to reach Elnora (the town next to Odon, so I’m not in a particular hurry. I should have a day or two to visit friends in Elnora before driving out to the Graber farm for Horse Progress days.

Right now, I’m enjoying a day off with lots of visitors stopping to chat.  Life is good on the wagon!


6-26-09 004