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12/27/08, Spencer, IN - On the old number scale, this day was definitely “A ‘Numba Ten!”  By the crack of dawn the temperature was already well into the fifties and headed higher.

Several well wishers stopped by this morning to include my host J.W. Jones. J.W. is a great guy that decided not to develop a several hundred acre property. Instead, he opens the place up to horse campers and riders and even provides free electric and water hookups.  This is a fantastic community service and is just another example of really good people doing special things for others.

The Meek family accepted my invitation to ride along today - we had a great time.  The day started out a little rough when I couldn’t get turned around at the campsites and instead tried to drive out a dirt road that was a little too steep.  Not to worry - a kind hearted soul with a pickup and a chain always seems to show up at the right moment.

It was a day with some pretty good sized hills but the horses pulled well and everyone’s mood was warm and light like the spring-like day.  There were a very large number of well wishers out today, including some folks that brought us some hay and another kind person who gave me a bottle of wine - Thanks!

It was nice to sit outside and have drinks and lunch in the lawn chairs with some visitors.  It brought back fond memories of those nice summertime wagon picnics!

After lunch, we drove a few more hills before pulling into the town of Spencer. There was a lot of traffic and we had a tendency to back up traffic some when climbing the hills.  In Spencer we stopped at a gas station for a Coke and to give the horse a breather.  Several kids go a chance to give the horses a pet (which they not only enjoy, but come to expect - a perk for being part of the equine wagon crew).

We’re camped tonight at a farm a couple of miles south of Spencer. Thanks to our hosts, the horses have a paddock with a couple of acres of grass to munch on. It’s pretty windy and sitting here in the wagon is like sitting in a nice rocking chair without having to expend all the energy of rocking it - not too bad!

All in all this was a really great day; full of great company, nice weather and good people. - In the short time since I wrote the proceeding two sentences, a good sized thunderstorm came barreling in - when it’s this warm in December, I guess it’s to be expected.  Good night everyone!

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