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Fellowship On the Road


5/10/12, Delta, CO - The lads and I are currently a couple of miles south of Delta, CO and have had a wonderful day. From the moment the sun just poked itís head above the horizon until it retired in the west, the day was filled with the warmth and company of our fellow human beings.

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5-10-12 022

Some wonderful folks at Wagonteamster roadside camp.

The morning started at the home of my guests, Kevin, Kirsten and Alice.  After packing up a few things, harnessing the horses and a great breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy, I reluctantly said goodbye and drove down the road. The entire family has been fantastic and it was great to visit with them on both trips #3 and #4.

5-10-12 002

Alice, saying goodbye to the lads.

A few miles down the road, I offered Val a ride. For the remainder of the morning, Val and her boyfriend Ken Spann, took turns riding in the wagon. Ken owns the Spann ranches. I passed the ranch headquarters shortly after leaving the town of Gunnison.  Val and Ken have a pair of Belgian/Suffolk Punch cross draft horses that they use around the ranch.  It was great having them on board and a lot of fun.

5-10-12 007

Val, taking her turn at driving Doc and Bill.  She did a great job!

All morning long, people were stopping to say Ďhií and to meet the horses. About every five or ten minutes I was pulling the lads over so I could chat with folks.  It was a lot of fun.

5-10-12 006

These little boys liked the horses, but one was a little shy around them.

5-10-12 010

These young folks were from Taiwan.  They surely will have some interesting tales to tell of rural life in Colorado.

Tonight, wagonteamster camp was a fun place. What started with the arrival of some folks from Montrose, turned into quite a party and barbecue.  Tammy and Claire stopped by with three kids and we had a great time with the lads. It was getting close to supper time, so the whole thing turned into a barbecue. A young fellow stopped by on his bicycle and we grilled up some hamburgers and hot dogs, and downed some beer and wine. It was a great time and everybody got to know each other.

5-10-12 013

I think the girls are trying to see which horse will be the fastest to get to the side of the wagon.  The race ended in a tie!

5-10-12 015

Doc is up to his old tricks again - stealing a carrot from a young girlís mouth. Itís a good thing there wasnít any babies with candy around!

This is just a sampling of some of the great people I got to meet today. One of the nice things about the wagon is that itís a great ice breaker.  With very little effort, it brings together a lot of diverse people. This allows everyone to share in a fellowship with each other!

5-10-12 021

A few folks enjoying each oter

A few folks having a good time in Wagonteamster camp.

I would like to thank everybody for the support theyíve been giving on the website.  If Iím a little late responding to E-mails, please forgive me.  Some days are real busy and I run short of time. Good Night.