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Dinosaurs On the Utah Line


5-20-12, Utah State Line (almost) - This was a short day of travel for me and the lads.  Dannyís kids were at a competition by Salt Lake City, so they didnít get home until late.  They were excited to see the team and take a ride, so I held off my departure until noon.  In the meantime, I had some maintenance and cleaning to do on the wagon.  There was time for a little relaxation and visiting when my chores were done.

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5-20-12 001

This morning, the pump that supplies the faucet and shower went bad. Fortunately, just before leaving on the trip, I decided to carry one along as a spare - good thing.

Shortly after noon, I had the team hitched and the wagon driven back on to the road.  After topping off the water tank, the Dorris kids jumped on the wagon, while Danny followed behind in the truck.  In the first few miles, we climbed nearly a thousand feet with Doc doing most of the pulling - he was in another of his ĎSeven Dwarfs, Hi-ho, Hi-ho moods.  After the first hill I gave thirteen year old Antoinette the lines and let her take a turn at driving.  Over the years Iíve noticed that young ladies of this age learn incredibly quick and have a good feel for the horsesí mouths.

5-20-12 002

ĎOl Doc sure does like a set of twins on his back.

This part of Colorado has had an extremely dry winter and spring.  I find myself feeding more hay and less roadside grass.  Even if I didnít have any hay, the horses would get enough to eat.  I could always adopt the Gypsy way of feeding my stock.  They pull off the overhead checks and let the horses graze as they go.  The grass right next to the roadbed is almost always green, as it gets moisture from the road itself and some water vapor from passing cars. But, this would mean getting them harnessed real early in the day, in order to get a few miles in and still leave the team time to eat.

5-20-12 006

100 years ago, some young rancherís wife was Ďproud as a peacockí to move into this fine old home. If you look real close, you can see the children and chickens in the yard and a couple of saddle horses tied to a hitching rail.

Every half hour to forty five minutes, I would stop to let the horses blow from the climb. Danny would come up to the wagon and chat while we drank some of my wagon coffee (I toss a horseshoe nail in the pot.  If it floats, the coffee is done).

A couple of miles outside the City of Dinosaur, I pulled into the entrance for Dinosaur National Monument so I could give Danny back my three stowaways. It was great getting to know the Dorris Family.

5-20-12 007

Doesnít she have the boys pulling down the road real straight. I must have secretly met one of those card-carrying professional Teamsters and didnít know it!

5-20-12 008

While big sister was working with the lads, the two boys, Andrew and Anthony, finally gave in to the gentle swaying of the wagon and nodded off. Donít worry guys, itís happened to me too!

Almost as soon as we pulled into the City of Dinosaur, the lads went to work.  Their business is bringing smiles and building nice memories; and they take their job seriously.

5-20-12 010

This Daddy loved his little girl and she fell in love with the horses - it was a winning combination!

5-20-12 011

Bill likes his sugar too.  Bill never ceases to amaze me.  When I first got him, he was a real jumpy horse that didnít really like people. Early in Trip #3, he saw Doc getting all the attention and wanted some too. Now, he likes people just as much as Doc.

The Team continued to attract a lot of attention as we drove through town. While stopped in front of a city park, so many adults and kids were petting the boys, I had to keep my hands on the lines and the camera in my pocket. The lads loved it.

I pulled into the sandwich shop owned by Dannyís neighbor Robert and his wife. While I unhitched the team for a short lunch, Robert treated me to one of the best sandwiches Iíve had. As folks back down the road said, ďItís easily the best place in town to get something to eat.Ē

On the road out of town, I continued to meet folks stopped alongside the highway. 

5-20-12 014

This little girl was only 21 months old, but she was as brave as a lion when she was boosted up on Bill.

Tonight, weíre camped alongside the road, about a mile and a half from the Utah State Line.  A rancher stopped to talk and was kind enough to offer me assistance, should I need it, in the next few days.  Thereís definitely good folks everywhere.

Tomorrow night, I have my sights on the Green River, nineteen miles away.  The lads are doing good, but are tired from the dayís climb.

Good Night!