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Day Off in Bondurant


6/8/12, Bondurant, WY - This morning, when I set off from my roadside camp I had a destination in mind. Yesterday at lunch, I was invited to stay with Christina and her husband Jim in the the small town of Bondurant.  I wasnít sure exactly how far it was because my GPS has it 5 miles further down the road and I couldnít check Google Maps, as I had no internet service. I was surprised and delighted when I found myself in town only 4 miles from our starting point. Even though it has a post office, itís not in Google Maps.  Itís located 10 miles NW of the start of the National Forest and 25 miles SE of Holback.

6-8-12 003

The scenery just keeps getting better as we trek down the road.

Jim and Christina are wonderful people who made the horses and I feel right at home.  They spend the warm months here in Wyoming and migrate back to Texas with the coming of winter. This is a beautiful community on the banks of the Holback River. All the green grass you see in the picture was grown without irrigation.  There is enough natural rainfall in the area to support thick, green grass.

6-8-12 004

Feeling right at home - even though the team had a good 15 acres of grass to roam on, they chose to remain close to the house much of the time. A couple of times I thought Doc wanted to come in and say Ďhelloí, but he changed his mind at the last moment.

I saddled up Doc and Bill and Christina and I went for a ride around the place.  Christina is an accomplished equestrian and even owned a Crosby Saddleseat Saddle, much like the one I carry on the wagon.

6-8-12 005

Christina up on Doc. A couple of good mounts, nice weather, picture postcard scenery - this is living!

In the evening we had dinner with some friends.  Scott and Debbie came over to help up put away some really good flatiron steaks,  Scott is a hunting guide and he and Debbie migrate between here and Arizona.

Dinner was just over, when I received a visit from my dear friends from Eden, WY, Ken and Elaine Rose. Last week, they were my gracious host for a day off when we were crossing the dry lands between Rock Springs and Pinedale.

6-8-12 007

The ĎOl Teamster out for a Friday afternoon ride.

6-8-12 009

Ken and Elaine came bearing gifts of oats and hay. Normally, I would say that the wagon is now overstocked (as I have grain stored in the cabin) but itís a long way to West Yellowstone, MT where I might again pick up more. The way the wagon works is this: If I magically ended up with 16 bags of oats and a 8 bales of hay, Iím going to need them, otherwise it wouldnít have shown up.

Tomorrow morning, I set off down the Holback River Canyon to the small town of Holback. From there, I proceed SW down the Snake River Canyon to the small town of Alpine and then up the East side of the Pallisades Reservoir.

I donít have a Verizon internet connection tonight, but Iím using Jim and Christinaís Wifi.  For the next few days, Iíll be lucky to get and internet connection, but will post if I can. In the meantime, hang on, as Iíve been told Iíll be traveling through some incredibly beautiful terrain in the following days.